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Posted by Bruce on January 28, 2018
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The city is a big old place and it can certainly feel like that from time to time, but then something fabulous happens. You run into an old pal from high school days.

We never spoke a lot in high school. We kind of ran with different social groups.

I was a glee kid and he was one of the intellectuals. He was always very nice when we spoke but high school is a funny place and those social groups can really get in the way of some possible great friendships. It was brilliant when we reconnected recently and got to talk about the good old days (or not) and all the mess that was high school. We both agreed it was a lot of grin and bear it. As we chatted he started telling me about something he had found a passion in and I just have to tell you all about.

John started his business called Lil’ Bear Bakery in November 2016.



It all started after baking about 1200 cookies at Christmas time each year and giving them out to his friends, family, and coworkers.
Then John started having people asking if they could order cookies to give out at Christmas.Then amazingly he started receiving cake orders. This was a scary venture to start since he pretty much self taught himself how to do

things. John had never ever worked with fondant before and he felt he was limited with his different icing tips.
He decided to take a few courses at George Brown College. Since then John made birthday cakes for his family and extended family and friends but he is not just limited to cakes and cookies, he makes pies or whatever the order request is.
John got especially excited when telling me about his first request to do his first wedding cake for a gay couple. He has very competitive pricing, wisely to help those that have a very tight budget. This is a side job and stress reliever for John which, we agreed is very much how I see my blog. He doesn’t have a website yet but he is planning on getting on that sooner than later. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just look for John Hunking @ Lil’ Bear Bakery! You decide for yourself but these treats look brilliant. It certainly was fabulous bumping into you John and I wish you all the success in the world! Mention this article to John and get 10% off on your order until Feb 4th! First order only.



John Hunking

Lil’ Bear Bakery




5 kisses out of 5



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Mary Ellen Monk

A word from the editor:

find people are often nicer after high school. Everyone has given up on “fitting in” and they are just living the best possible life they can.

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