Grow Up!

Posted by Bruce on September 07, 2014
My Poetry c

Didn’t we laugh?
All we did was laugh.
That season couldn’t last forever.
Didn’t our stomachs ache because of the crazy things you said?
You said everything.
Then the cold wind came didn’t it?
You were so young.
You wanted so much to be out there.
Doing it.
Were you ready?
The strength you had.
Where was your support?
Did you ever makeĀ us laugh.
We neverĀ considered life without you.
The whirl of life surrounded you like cellophane.
You made your choices, right or wrong.
They made you pay and pay.
You cried for everyone to see.
You laughed louder then them all.
The world laughed with you.
You silenced the worst of critics, over and over again.
You had everything to prove and everything to lose but you did not retreat.
And did you ever make us laugh.
These seasons never last forever.
Never truly reachable by those you would not let in.
There wasn’t many you refused.
Unapologetic, unwavering, hilarious and mournful; your life was filled with it all.
You had no regrets.
How many can say they have no regrets?
And did you ever make us laugh.
On the top of your world.
You’re humour was as shocking as your going.
No warning, no expectation. You did leave us all.
So you want us to laugh.
We never say no to Joan and we will continue to laugh.
Today however we will cry behind those giggles and jokes.
Good for you!
Now we can just all
“Grow Up!”

For Joan Rivers xo

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