Hands Off My Buns!

Posted by Bruce on July 14, 2013
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DSC05315I hope your Summer is outstanding so far! Mine is! I popped out of the city again and found a fabulous tea house which I will be writing about in the coming weeks. For now however I will continue my “Breath of a Dream” segment!!

As you know I spent some time at the market last week and got to meet some cool peeps! It’s so refreshing to meet some fabulous kind hearted people who are not out to gut you behind your back! Well I guess that is why the police are out there, to protect us!  Oh my there I go again out on a limb!

So this fabulous persons name was Ashleigh Ryan and she started her very own Bakery! Now this isn’t just any old grandma’s kitchen. This is the bakery reinvented! It is “Organic,Caribbean-Inspired Treats!” I know right interesting and fabulous!

I stopped by her booth while I was workin it over at the Fiddlehead. I looked her table over and said a quick hello to the girl behind the logo. She was charming and I wasn’t really looking to buy anything. You know sometimes you just want to be nosey but everything looked so good and smelt so fresh and tasty that I just had to get myself a homemade Caribbean “Bun Thing” Mmm I had no idea what I was eating but it was wonderful! Of course Ashleigh was telling me all about what was going in my mouth but I wasn’t listening anymore. Heaven, I said and she laughed and said thank you.  Did I mention it is also Vegan/Gluten-Free? Ya that’s right! I couldn’t believe it. My nephew is all about the gluten free thing and I just ignore him and write it off as a generational flaw but it was really good. And you know what I didn’t feel that heavy bloated thing after I get when I consumer most bread like things.

Ashleigh and I shared some more conversation and she told be about her dream and I was thrilled to listen. I told her I have a little blog and hoped she wouldn’t mind if I wrote a little something about her and her “Plum Bun Bakery” business. I will definitely be back for more! I went back to the Fiddlehead booth and clearly I was the only one out of the bakery loop because they had already enjoyed her buns and as they walked slowly towards me with that hungry look in their eyes, I just had to tell them, “Hands Off My Buns!” There mine, mine, mine!

Plum Bun Bakery

Organic, Caribbean Inspired Treats/Vegan/Gluten Free

catering & wholesale contact

Ashleigh Ryan

647 830 3803



5 kisses out of 5


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