Happy Advent!

Posted by Bruce on December 03, 2012

First I want to say hey to all my new readers. Hello! I can’t believe how quickly my blog is growing.  It’s funny how a little past time like this can suddenly become slightly stressful when you realize people are reading weekly and expecting wonderful little experiences that will give them a chuckle or maybe if I am lucky leave my readers with a bit of “I never thought of that!”

This week I have to be honest. I have nothing! Nothing! My week was all over the place and I guess with it now officially December which of course marks the Holiday, Yule Advent,Hanukkah and Christmas season, it’s no wonder everything seems to have jumped into high gear including my head space.

I think one thing I need to do is take my little “Acer” along for the ride. The “Acer” is my computer just a bit larger than a hard cover book. Anyway, I did have some wonderful little antidotes but without my little buddy along for the ride, it’s lost. I could write you a poem but who wants that showing up in the email box?

I will simply keep it all very simple this week and say, December, give it your best shot. In conclusion I will ask, does anybody have any further questions?



Happy Advent!

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