Happy Anniversary to Me!

Posted by Bruce on September 30, 2012
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Good Morning! Well I’m pretty excited, for a couple of reson’s. First, I am celebrating my blog turning two this week. It’s actually happening on the 4th of October. The day my blog was born. Tonight I am treating myself to a cocktail or two or three at The Grand Hive Mansion.  It’s one of my favourite spots to spend time with my pals. It’s just off the beaten path of the Village and very incognito!

It’s been a crazy year for me. We finally got Alice her hip! I finally landed myself a fabulous new career and we adopted a new member of the family, our Shiatsu! She is so fabulous! Of course we named her after one of the two girls from Abba, Agnetha! She seems to love Abba songs, although I think she’s more interested in producing Abba turds! God knows she makes enough of them.

Last but not least! A few months back I wrote an article about the way Capital One MC was treating me as a client. Well I am happy to say those stingy little bitches finally raised my credit limit!! I so wanted to turn it down but God I really wanted that new suit for work. A navy blue number with a back tuxedo colar and a slim fit pant! Outstanding! Thank you Capital One for finally coming around. I can now remove the nickname “Idiots” from my banking details! Although it does get a good chuckle from the bank teller when I pop in to pay your bill!

I always say don’t be afraid to tell business’s what you want. It is your money. The thing is your voice makes a difference. Of course writing a blog and outing bad service does help but one should also try to celebrate the good! So, as I do best tonight I am going to celebrate Me! I remind myself of a young and much prettier “Sue Sylvester, Glee” She once tried to marry herself. I think that is just fabulous! Wonderfully I’m already spoken for!

Well kids! No stepping in Abba turds and have yourself a great week! I still have a few chapters to read of “Rebecca” It’s getting really good! This Tuesday I got a new book for ya!

Je Taime and Coi Coi boys and girls!


That’s Fabulous!

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