A Little Re-Evaluation

Posted by Bruce on March 17, 2013
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A Little Re-Evaluation

What makes life rich?  I have been mulling this thought over this week.  I have been thinking allot about my little place in the world.  It is no secret I have been a little unhappy this past little while and I think I have figured out why.

I am still not living my authentic life.  A phrase made famous by one “Oprah Winfrey” Authentic life, I think it may become easier to feel like you are authentic when it is backed by a million dollars but until I have a million dollars that argument is pointless.  I do know this.  I think we spend to much time waiting around for that pot of gold before we truly let ourselves enjoy our lives authentically.

I hear to many people say “If I only had the money.” “If I could win the 649.” The truth is unless you are in dyer straits and living under a bridge then you are a millionaire.  The funny thing is I have witnessed many homeless people with much bigger smiles on their faces then their rich counter parts who are so annoyed at the world because their designer handbag is going to arrive late to the store.

Authentic, I am not sure anyone can even define this saying, this catch phrase but I think for me, I am beginning to understand.  To me it boils down to happiness.  That’s it.  When we are not happy, there is a reason. It’s simple and doesn’t take countless books and psychiatrist to figure it out.  When we are not doing for ourselves what we need to be dong to have a true sense of freedom and love, we are no longer authentic.  You gotta be free and you gotta have love.  When you are feeling trapped you cannot live authentically.  When there is no love present, you cannot be authentic.  It’s just not possible.

I realized this week that my unhappiness is coming from within me.  My choices. My allowance.  My unwillingness to let those around me understand who and what I expect and want from my life.  Also what my life means to me and I have allowed people to have way to much power over me and my sense of freedom and love.

Sometimes it’s necessary to make a little re-evaluation of ones life.  I could write an easy on all the traps and disappointments people have created for me but the truth is, it was me all along.  My allowing of those around me dictate what my life was going to look like.  Therefore I was unhappy.

I understand now that it really is my life.  I understand that only I can design the life that I am going to lead.  That is if I choose the cheaper glass of wine, that is what my life is going to feel like.  If I create bills and cause creditor’s to own me then I am no longer free.  If I decided to be miserable because my life isn’t the way I want it then it means it’s time to change it.  I hope you will do the same.  And if by chance you are already there, I hope in passing you will share your enlightenment.

Someone recently asked me “Who pays your bills?” I said Me and she said “That is who you look after first.”

So the lingering question “What makes life rich?” Simple, Just me.


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