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Posted by Bruce on July 09, 2012
Customer Service Watchdog

Terrible!! Horrific!!!

Have you ever been in a situation in which you were receiving really crap treatment from a particular company.  And, for the life of you, just could not figure out why????  Well my dedicated readers the cork has blown off the wine bottle.  For those of you with weak constitutions I’m thinking this blog is not for you!

I have two words “Capital One!”  Oh yes!  They are on the customer service watchdog hit list this week.  I had planned to write about “Pizza Nova”.   However, this story kicks Nova’s greasy, cheesy butt.  I’ll get to them next week.  You may be wondering how will this story relate to my life in the big city.  Well,  I’m going to tell you.

I moved to Toronto in 2005.  It was a pretty big decision for me.   I had just moved back to Oshawa after three years in Belleville, Ontario.  I’ll share that escapade another time . My roommate and friend at the time had his own business in the city.  From time to time, he encouraged me to pack up my life and get to the big city.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to move.  I was pretty happy right where I was.  Plus, I didn’t have a lot of money and my job paid very little. However, I loved it and had a fabulous manager.

Finally, I decided to move.  I arrived, suitcase in hand at my one and a half room flat.  Then I decided that Bruce needed to get himself a credit card.  I know right!  Who doesn’t have a credit card that lives in the city.  Unfortunately I didn’t have credit because like a small town boy I thought “cash” was the way to go.  There are only two times cash is really any good anymore, paying for cocktails on a great patio and strip clubs and of course I don’t do the later….

So, I decide to apply for what is called a secure credit card.  I know you know them.  They are for people that have crap credit or none at all.  I was the later.  This is how it went.  You take your money and basically invest it in the company.  They in turn give you a credit card that you can use for the amount of the money that they ask for.  For example, they can say we think 100 dollars is good for you or 1000 dollars is good.  With that you begin to build your credit rating. It seems like an amazing idea. This is where “Capital One” screwed me over big time.

They asked for an amount, for example,  “1001 dollars”.  This, I recently learned was an error.  Now follow me kids, it gets really interesting here.  While I am building my credit rating, I am being offered other cards from other companies.  Of course, Capital One made it very clear to me that as I build my credit with them, by using my money and paying it back etc, they would eventually offer me a real credit card.

Now it is 2012.  I have more than built an amazing credit rating.  Enough to buy myself a wonderful condo and have several credit cards with low balances and money in the bank.  Life is good.  Well, not really, when it comes to this Capital One business.

Now and again, I would call them to see how things were going.  Since 2005, they have never offered me a real credit card or extended my credit limit.  Funny thing, every time I called I would get some snot nosed 12 year old telling my I did not have good credit and that my payments were all over the place. I always found this frustrating because I pay well.  It’s also my money and I have had this bullshit card for 7 years!

OK, we are almost there.  On a whim, I decided to call just to see if they intended to grant me a real card or a credit increase.  I called them up, again this guy gets on the line and states “Sir your credit with us has not matured….your payments are late….you are a credit risk….”.   All this, as I stand in my cute little condo that I bought all by myself.   I decide that I have had enough and ask to speak to a manager!!!!

I tell her my story and she begins to look into my account.  Suddenly, she says “I see the problem”.   (I say to myself this is going to be OK.)   She says “you put X amount of dollars on your card in 2005.  They requested X amount of dollars plus $1.00.   As soon as you over pay by one dollar, from that day your account was marked as a credit risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I was going to shit myself!  I explained that, that is what they asked for so that is what I prepaid onto that card.  She tells me they were wrong.  Oh My God! Literally for 7 years I have been getting treated like a slob from Capital One all because of an error when I signed up for this card. Which is my F’n money!  I asked her about my payment history.  She said it was amazing.  When I told her that for 7 years the customer service people would tell me my payments were all over the place and whatever, she simply said “This is not the case.  Our records indicate you are a great client and because of our screw up at the very beginning, your account was simply marked “RISK”.

I explained I was a blogger and would, in fact, be writing to my readers about this.  Of course, she said how sorry she was etc.,etc. but do you know what, Its just doesn’t cut it! You just can’t treat people in this manner.  Even if my credit sucked, no one at this company has the right to treat me the way they did for 7 long years…..

She offered me a real card, of course, but the Capital One’s computer systems were down!  Go figure! Why am I not surprised!  I just shook my head and thought “this is shit customer service personified!”  So you’re wondering what have I done with the card –  I cut it into a million little pieces and mailed it back to to them.  I have two words for you “Totally Unacceptable!”

Capital One

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