Hello, I love You.

Posted by Bruce on June 01, 2014
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Hey! Welcome back everyone! It’s so great to be blogging again. Doing, really what I do best, talk about myself! I have had a few weeks off to shake the Winter blues away and now I’m ready to face the day again and just share all my intimate thoughts and moments with you, my dedicated readers and followers.
I woke this morning knowing today was the big return to my blog and it was like I had cartoon birds, squirrels and bunnies fluttering about me. Like Olivia Newton John in “Grease”. I think one may have pooped on my shoulder but this morning nothing could get me down.
Where could I possibly begin after such a time away. Well my wonderfully gorgeous “Brucesters” I’m going to start right in the middle; like I do when I bite into a watery piece of watermelon.
There are weird and wonderful things happening almost everyday in this fine city of mine.  Many of those weird and wonderful things really go unnoticed by most people around me.  Their heads are often stuffed so far up their Ipads, Smartphones and Blackberries they miss the happenings that occur just a stones throw away.  Well I don’t miss it. I notice everything and before I set out for my daily adventures in this big and beautiful “Bruce in the City” city, I need to prepare.
I usually wake bright and early about 7 a.m.  I’m not much of a morning person but the early bird gets the worm so there is really no other option for me. I must get that worm!
It all begins with an invigorating shower. Not just any kind of shower but a shower that would make the crème del a crème that is Toronto gay society jealous. It starts with a “fruitiliscious” shower gel. Sometimes I choose Strawberry and sometimes Satsuma and oh my God I inhale. It’s just outstanding this intoxicating bouquet! Guys there is more to life than soap.
After I cleanse my body it’s time to nurture the hair. Now for this I am just religious. My hair is like everything to me.  Anyone who really knows “Me” knows that nothing is more important to me than my hair.  Therefore, I use Banana shampoo. I know, what you say? Banana? Oh yes, and talk to your hair. Seriously, we talk to our plants don’t we? Well then, tell your hair how wonderful it is, thick and long (or short) full of body and shine. Thank it for keeping your head protected from the sun and bird shit. It will grow better and it won’t fall out. I’m almost sure of it.
I only have a couple of steps further that really put my mind and body in the right place to face this dirty old city and sometimes dirty old men but that’s another blog.  After I towel off my squeaky clean naked body, (you didn’t expect that visual did you?) it’s then onto my face.  I don’t just squirt anything onto my face. It has to be of the best quality and texture. Maca Root! Look it up. The Body Shop’s Maca face wash and face scrub is seriously amazing. The exfoliating beads in the scrub actually last long enough to really get that dirt and grit out of my skin. It’s gentle and doesn’t rob your face of it’s natural oils. Love it!!
Of course I brush my teeth but I have yet to find a toothpaste that I love enough to write about so in short, just brush your teeth. Then it’s all about the canvas that is my face. I cannot say this enough guys (and gals) moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.  I use a few fabulous item, Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet and my Nutriganics Drops of Youth. People always say I have amazing skin and my response to  them is, “That is so true”.  I ask myself why do my 43 year old counterparts look like middle aged straight men? (pause for reflection) Because they are.  You can’t help that your straight but you can help your face from looking like a well used Prada handbag!
Then it’s all about a great bronzer. Seriously guys put some bronzer on that kisser of yours. It’s the perfect way to get that sun kissed glow without damaging your skin from the sun. Oh I’m sorry I missed the Vitamin C moisture cream with 30 SPF… then the bronzer. Oh my God! The best fifteen minutes you will spend in the bathroom alone. Well…
That about covers my morning ritual which I like to call “Hello, I Love You” It’s much better said in the mirror just before you begin!  I dare you to try it out for yourselves. I have shared a link below so you can get yourself these amazing items.  It’s endless really what you can do for the love of your face.  My motto is keep it natural.  Keep it animal friendly!
Wow! look at the time. I have to get going. There are many more adventures and frolic to get up to and it’s such a perfect day to do so!


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