Her name was LoLa….!

Posted by Bruce on October 09, 2011
Clubs and Bars

I met my buddy Kaarlo in the village, Church and Alexander.  I was running late.  Nothing I tried on looked right on me. I must have gone through a dozen outfits!   Yes, it happens to boys to.   Even the toughest rapper cares about what they wear to an event! Why do you think they are loaded up with jewels and gold plated teeth and have penis peircings?  Well never mind.  Everyone wants to be fabulous!  They just replace the word fabulous with bad or gangsta!!

We made our way north on Church St. up to Maitland where my first meet and greet cocktail party was about to commence!  I was genuinely excited to see who was going to show! I busted into the room, “Look out I’m coming in your front door!” I exclaimed!

I picked the venue, Lo’La Martini Lounge.  I hoped it was going to be the perfect spot!  As I landed, I was thrilled to see I was not alone. You guys actually showed up!! Outstanding!  You know I was totally ok with a celebratory martini all on my own but when I saw the group of friends and readers I knew being alone was the last case scenario, thank God.  Can you imagine the horror! Girls Halloween has started early!  The place was so cute.  It’s seriously not that big but the perfect size for a semi private cocktail party!  I am almost certain you could rent it out for a private party.  Maybe next year!

Janine was the bar tender on the fly that was starting us off with our first set of martinis and our host for the night.  She was wonderful and even shared a cute little story about her and her boyfriend that would tantalize any martini sniffer!

Then there were the apps!  No kids not for the computer!  We had a lovely plate of hummus, with pita bread and samosas with a chile thia sauce made from scratch.  A lovely red chile jelly with lingon berry.  Simple but nice.  Love that it was not out of a jar!  The DJ played smooth tracks. Dance meets trance but not too much so we grooved and let the martinis take us away.    I very enthusiastically asked him if he would spin some Sarah McLaughlin and he obliged.  I was thrilled to hear that by 10pm they had named a cocktail after my blog.  The “Bruce in the City- cocktail”.  Which of course forced me to drink more than I should have!  I wonder if I went back tonight if they would remember?

When I was a kid I always loved that song by Barry Manilow “Her name was Lola she was a school girl…..” I can’t recall if that is the name.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiUCSPa4dNo (not used with permission, please don’t sue me Barry!)  I used to dance around my room with my pal Marcie and sip baby duck that we had borrowed from her mom’s wine cabinet.  I think I was 7.  I suppose without realizing it, that must have been the reason I picked this place.  I think they should play that song nightly before they close!  Too much?

The night went off without a hitch but I do have a few pointers to give when consuming barrel amounts of martinis. Don’t start kissing your fag hag! Don’t be disappointed if a guy that came to meet you leaves with someone else and for heaven sake if you leave to hit up a strip club after make sure you have cash in your wallet!!!!  I’m just saying!

So out of 5 kisses… I would give this little lounge 4!!! Nice job! Thanks for the amazing night!!

Until next week

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Lo-La Martini Lounge

(416) 920-0946

7 Maitland Street
Toronto, ONM4Y

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