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Posted by Admin1 on December 07, 2014
Check it Out!

Talking about the fact that I write a blog has now become easier than the writing itself.  Let’s face it, after four years it gets difficult to come up with something new each and every Sunday.  The crazy thing is when you have been blogging as long as I have about my fabulous and not so fabulous city, your audience grows and grows and some of your best blogs I think happen at the start when you are all excited and feeling inspired.
I guess thank God I’m always a little inspired.  I still get pretty excited when I have found a new place to eat or find a pub or bar I’d love for you to check out.  I do think I am getting to a place where I am ready to meet and greet with you all again.  My first year writing this wonderful little obsession I had a meet and greet the first year on the anniversary.  It went over very well.  Although I do recall meeting a couple of super assholes that night too, so I kind of never did it again.
I’m thinking this February I may do it again.  What do you think?  Would anyone come out?  Would anyone give a rat’s ass.  I have to admit I’d love to meet you guys.  You read my stuff every week and it would just be very cool to get to say hello.  Just something simple you know to say, “Here we are!”
I often run into people who, when they find out who I am they are like, “Hey, I know your blog!”.  I would love to have some cocktails with you and find out what you guys are doing.  Well I will give it some thought.  The cute martini bar I had it at is now closed.  The ever changing face of this city.  I’m sure I can find another tremendous spot we can call our own for some shits and giggles.
Well guys lots to do as I get myself ready for Christmas.  I can’t believe how fast it’s coming.  This Tuesday is my book club so stop and see what I thought of my last read “Jane Austen”.  I think I have one more to go.
Anyway, every blog can’t be a life changer so until Tuesday this is your “Little Court Jester” signing off!  For all my pals at “Dirty Bingo” tonight, sorry I missed it!  I was spending some much needed downtime with my better half!

Editor Mary Ellen Monk

A message from Bruce,

Mary Ellen feel better soon!


Bruce in the City!



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