High & Lonesome

Posted by Admin1 on September 23, 2019
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When I saw the name of this singing duo, “High & Lonesome” I thought, that pretty much sums up my summer, so why not go check them out and see what sad songs they have to offer while I down a few melancholy brews. As fate would have it, I had heard the lead vocalist, Kate Kelly, many years ago, when she was just getting into the music world. I heard her do a few Dixie Chicks songs, among others I can’t remember, and then that was it. I carried on in my little bubble, and she carried on singing and learning the guitar. Fast forward 10 years and there hangs a poster, in a local pub, literally with her legs on it. Kate, and an accomplished guitarist Bobby Watson decided to jam with each other, and High & Lonely was conceived. As most local bands go, they play, you get drunk, you dance. You forget them, but I couldn’t forget this dynamic duo. I decided to sit down with Kate Kelly, the lead vocalist of the group, and find out what the devils been going on. Bobby and Kate have been crushing the haunting sounds of The Eurythmics, Amy Winehouse, Dolly Parton and Sheryl Crow for five years now. From what I saw there were no signs of slowing down. Bobby Watson played in Memphis, for over 10 years back, in the 80’s. He released an album titled “From the Eastside” which was produced by Greg Wells, a well-known producer from L.A. Kate and Bobby started playing together five years ago. Bobby’s licks and chops are on point, and he pulls them together nicely. Kate’s vocals are raw and unrefined. A perfect blend of sultry and heartache as she pours our her soul. Kate is an accomplished poet that has taken her works to many poetry slams, including on a national level. Bobby and Kate slam on YouTube. You should check it out! When they’re not performing out, they’re songwriting. They played a few of those the night I went to check them out, and they were awesome. The show was intimate. The audience response said it all. This duo is defying age, gimmicks, and music genre as they work on their debut CD. It’s encouraging to know there are still singer-songwriters out there that give a damn about the art of writing. I’m just glad I got to see them before they get repackaged by corporate greed. When the music is still real, and no one has fake tits and botox. Amazing show! I’ll keep you all up to speed on a release date for their album. It’s looking like there are going to be 10 to 12 songs on it. I got to hear four of them live. They were badass. Look em up! You can find High & Lonesome on YouTube.​​​​Rock on!​

High & Lonesome

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