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Posted by Admin1 on June 08, 2014
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149826_10150309189630521_6660723_nI had the most incredibly odd week.Of course, I’m so happy to be writing again after my little break.  I have been enjoying my latest “Bruce’s Book Club” choice, ‘Brunette Ambition’ by Lea Michelle. I hope you all have your copy!

I’m also looking forward to giving away my little prize from Chapters/Indigo, so get your ideas in for my next “Bruce’s Book Club” book for July! Just post them on my Twitter, Facebook, or on this blog, and if I choose yours, you get a $20 gift card for Chapters/Indigo! One of my readers “Mary Ellen” reads a book, like, every 10 minutes, so I expect she should have some great recommendations for me!

Anyway, What a week! (You know it’s not a “Bruce in the City” blog without some B.I.T.C thing!) I don’t know. Is it just me or has the art of customer service died with the last milk delivery person?  You know, I really think it has. Of course, there are many places I have enjoyed that have knocked my pants off with outstanding product and service, but when it’s bad, it’s bad.
I was dodging bullets this week when it comes to horrific product/service.  I don’t know if my Moon sign was in the wrong orbit, but I was a rainbow magnet for bad customer service.

The first episode was when I decided to buy a new pair of shoes from Target. Now, Oprah went on forever about how amazing Target is, but since it has come to Canada, not so amazing! I can never get any help from anybody and the stuff I have purchased has either broken or has broke me.  Their prices are oddly high for how they advertise their prices to be, and the quality of their goods? Not so fabulous!

I needed a simple pair of dress shoes for work, so I thought I would stop in and pick me up something cheep and cheerful. I found some black dress shoes that seem to fit the bill. Oh, and what gay hell. I wore them for 2 days and on the 3rd day I did not rise again! My heal was so bruised from the stiffness of these shoes that I could barely get out of bed without screaming in pain! I’m serious!! In fact, I had to take a cab to work for two days because I was unable to walk for any distance. Can you imagine?  Tylenol would not calm the pain! It was as though some fairy god devil had slammed the back of my heel with a little mini hammer! Just horrific! I had to reach out to Target. They want me to call them back Monday.  We’ll have to see what they have to say.

O.M.G! If that wasn’t bad enough, I decided to hobble a few doors down from my little shop around the corner for some lunch.  I had to wear a no-back sandal to work so I was able to limp around. I stopped at a wing place called “The Right Wing ” (on Yonge St.) Oh, no it wasn’t.  Of course, at first they tasted divine. I love wings, so at half price, one can really have an orgy of wing delight! I admit it; I went for the two pounds! Not a proud moment for me, but nonetheless, I want to be transparent here.
It took me no time to wolf those puppies down and it was back to the shop.  A few hours passed and along with my distressed heel, my body was starting to feel tired and achy.  I just thought that I had been spending a lot of time at the store and maybe I was beginning to feel the drain, so I ignored it.  Of course, the feeling grew and when I finally left for the day, it was all I could do to get home. Damn that bus ride was a long one!

The it hit! Bam! 11pm; Total stomach anarchy! Oh My God!!!! Chicken wing Hell! 1/2 price wing apocalypse! The Green Mile! What’s Eating Gilbert Grape!!! Fifty Shades of Grey!!!!! As my partner held my stomach ,I was launched into an orbit of oral  Armageddon that I had not experienced since my days of partying on Derangos (do you remember that cooler?) with my friends Brenda, Steve, Cathy, Lisa, and the rest of them. Oh God, here she blows again! Almost an hour and a half later, my stomach had purged what were the wings from Hell.  I will never be back there again!

And if that wasn’t enough, Friday this week, the day after my Chicken Run, I decided to take my broken heel and my sensitive stomach to a movie after work. I saw Maleficent this week, and that being so spectacular, I decided I would try out another notable movie. ‘Neighbors.’ How could one lose? Zac Efron is a feast for the eyes and Seth Rogen is a cute hoot! How could I lose?  I’ll pause for affect…………

No fear, the movie was hilarious! A laugh out loud movie that will certainly become a fabulous addition to my extensive Blu Ray/DVD collection. It was what happened following the movie that freaked me out. I was still at Silver City on Yonge Street and asked to use their reception phone, as I needed to call home.  The person at the desk, in a snip of a voice, said that the phone could not perform an outside call. Of course, I thought of how inconvenient that would be should there be an emergency of some sort, but anyway. She told me to go back up to the Customer Service desk and they could help me there.

I made my way with my screwed up heel and my sensitive stomach and hobbled over to the Service Desk. No one was around. i waited for about five minutes, but still no one, so I decided to help myself. I dialed my number and my partner answered the phone on the other end.

It was then that I felt someone breathing down the back of my neck. It was a stranger. A DRUNK… unattractive stranger. I turned my head to see what the freak he was doing on my neck line. he started saying something about his tickets and I politely responded with “I don’t work here.” That’s when it all went very weird. “Oh you don’t work here, eh Princess?” Scary! Usually it takes people 5 minutes before they realize I’m royalty. I did know this wasn’t going to go well for him. I said, “What the…” and immediately got out of the line of fire. I went over to the ticket taker and pointed the guy out and well, in a few minutes, he was being dragged away so that I could get back to my phone call .I was pissed though, because they just left me standing there, pale and in social shock.  I think I will stick to my Tuesday matinee next time.

Well, that was my weird week in a nutshell… There is so much more to tell, but I’ll have to save that for another week.
Enjoy the Tony Awards tonight! See you next Sunday!

editor: Lauren Messervey

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