Holiday at the Inn

Posted by Bruce on July 05, 2020
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I’m back! Damn June flew by. You ever feel like you just gotta get away? I know I do. It might seem impossible these days with killer COVID-19 on the loose, but you still can!! It’s not a trip to the islands or New York, unless of course you already live there. There are spots in your own city or town that you can check out. Let’s face it, we see less of the place where we live because we are too busy working or just the feeling that a vacation means somewhere far away. Well it doesn’t have to. I needed a break from my four walls that has seen way to much of me over the past several months since COVID-19 began ruling our social lives. I decided to book a hotel in Peterborough where I have been staying this past while while I sell my condo. I chose a name I knew well. Holiday Inn. It was the perfect way to social distance and still pamper myself. God knows this bear likes to be pampered.

The surprise was it was a construction workers convention and from the balcony of my lovely room the boys in hard hats staying six feet apart of course drank beer together after a long day of drilling and smashing things. I didn’t know my stay would be so hot. I even had one proposition me but I had to regretfully decline for social distancing reasons. The staff was very helpful and my room was lovely. I’ll have to stop by again.

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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