Holy Crap It’s Christmas!

Posted by Bruce on December 25, 2015
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How did this happen?  Christmas came so fast this year, it beat the weather!  In fact this stinking year flew by like one flying over a cuckoo’s nest!  The streets of Toronto finally got bustling long after the holiday season began.  This spring-like weather is just not right.  As I lay out here on the beach in my onesy I reminisce on Christmas past and I don’t think I recall a previous Christmas that rang in with a BBQ steak and sandals right here in T.O!  Come on down and you’ll find me napping under tree 7 on Hanlan’s point!

Seriously though what a year.  I celebrated one fabulous year with my daytime career.  A big shout out to my team there for being so amazing! My partner and I celebrated 10 whole years together.  That’s wild and I was lucky enough to only have one cold for the entire year.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.  My blog turned 5!!!  I gained and lost a total of 30 pounds this year so I am right where I started last January.  John and I are about to embark on something pretty intense for us come the new year.  Of course I’ll keep you posted on that.  2015 brought old friends back into my life.  Being a sentimental man, that is the best news ever!  One of them is embarking on a project that I will be sharing with all of you in 2016!  It seems pretty exciting!

I did find some pretty cool places to dine and wine in the city this year and I am looking forward to sharing more amazing places to partake in 2016.  I want to take a moment to thank my Editor Mary Ellen who somehow turns my sloppy spelling, grammar, and punctuation into something lovely that you can all enjoy!!!  Love you Mary Ellen!!

Thanks to all of my readers who have stuck with me even when my blog has gone down for construction or I forgot to pay the bill.  I love writing knowing you are on the other end having a good chuckle and some deep thoughts from time to time.

12369176_10156300548080521_6544091956312326915_nYou know it’s not Bruce in the City if I don’t uncover one sloppy job before year end.  A big shout out to Laird Pet Hospital who has yet to return my call to get my Princess Agnetha groomed so she looks like crap over Christmas!  Your on going horrific customer service never ceases to amaze me!  Merry Christmas!

And now the moment you are hardly waiting for!! My top 5 Canadian’s of 2015

#5 Justin Bieber (Anyone who can face the world after his nads were front and center on the internet gets my vote! There was definitely no reason to say “Sorry”)
#4 Avril Lavigne (Any artist who doesn’t even have to get out of bed and can end up being the most famous Canadian (Pantheon) on the planet has my vote.  Lime disease didn’t stop this icon; I know it’s “Complicated”.  Glad you’re feeling better these days!
#3 Eli Glasner (Not only is he super cute “sadly straight” but his movie reviews are epic and usually right on point!)  I did disagree with you on your Star Wars review but God love ya anyway!  I would actually love to see this man get his own half hour show!!!  Let’s get on it CBC!
#2 Rick Mercer (He is such a funny guy and really down to earth.  He looks fabulous in a towel too as we crossed paths at a local gym one hot summer afternoon. He didn’t notice me at all, “Bitch”.  Just kidding!)
#1 And my number one spot belongs to a man who single handily turned what could have been four more years of fear mongering and dictatorship into Canada the sexy and free!  My hat comes off and more for the man of the year in my book….

Justin Trudeau!

12376134_10156335095270521_7480800387731774661_nSo that’s it kids! Lot’s of love and Christmas cheer to you and yours and thanks again for following me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course right here at Bruce in the City “What’s the Buzz?” the blog!

Merry Christmas!


Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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