Posted by Bruce on June 05, 2011
Shitty Shows

OK! I am about to chew my own arm off!  It’s Sunday afternoon May 29 and I did have plans to go see a classic showing of “The Sounds of Music” @ The Scotia Bank Theater” but decided to hit the gym and then spend an afternoon relaxing and catching up on some t.v!!!!  The gym was a great idea.  I had a great workout but I skimped on breakfast so I lost some steam when I got to the cardio part of my workout.  Hmmm What better place to get the steam back!!! The steam room! That’s just where I headed before heading home to start my afternoon of t.v catch up!

That is where I came across a program on T.L.C that made me want to throw my television out the window! It’s called Extreme Couponing.  Ever here of it?  This show in my opinion is the most insulting 1/2 hour of  time waisted I have ever seen.

The premise is that people save up a ton of coupons in order to get tons and I mean tons of stuff for free.  Sounds like a pretty cool idea at first “Free”until you begin to notice the underlining addiction problems of greed, hoarding and compulsive shopping that seems to fuel the peoples motives.

The scary twins are on my hit list (Tarin and Tai) for disgusting gluttony hoarding behaviour and on their birthday to. Well isn’t that special!

They have in their cupboards hundreds of items, many they admit to not even needing, like diapers and baby food and they have no children.  Their was no mention of giving anything to local charities, friends or anybody else for that fact and they just get off on holding people up at the market, stressing the hell out of the clerks and clearing the shelves of things shoppers might be shopping for, like vitamins etc. They stockpile cases of vitamins, toothpaste (ten box’s) and I don’t mean packages. I mean box’s with at least 100 tubes in each box!!! Don’t forget the antacids all stuffed on their shelves and there is no way they could use this stuff before the expiry date roles by, putting themselves at risk for poisoning.

They even spent the day getting free birthday treats around the city because of coupon use!!! Happy Birthday Ladies!

I am going to be sick. When I think of the people I watched on this show, I am angered at how they hoard all these items and really the difference they could make by donating these things to charities. Charity, remember charity….

It’s amazing the lengths people will go to get their sorry asses on the tube! 

Damn I should have gone to see “The Sound of Music”

I didn’t want this blog to get to long so I made a top ten list like Mr. Letterman to tell you what has got me so riled up about this damn show!

#10 No regard to expiry dates on food, vitamins, bathroom needs like toothpaste and antacids!!!!

#9 How they try to make gluttony a cool and acceptable behaviour

#8 Oh ya hoarding is great to don’t forget!

#7 Yes pile those cereal boxes on your basement floor by the dozens to attract all those bugs and mice.

#6 While your at it harass the hell out of managers and employees

#5 No consideration for the poor basters waiting in line behind you (some of these couponers take 1 to 2 hours to get through check out lines)

#4 Look at all their supplies isn’t that amazing just think of the families that have been affected by natural disasters recently. Send some of your stockpile to them. You creepy people!!!!!

#3 Let’s compulsive shop just because you can get it cheaper! Now that’s healthy!

#2 Clear those shelves bare!!!! Take everything like band-aids, toothpaste, diapers!!! so the next sucker can kiss your ass on the way out with nothing in hand!

And my number one reason this show makes me want to barf my guts out!!!!

#1  They got me to watch for a whole 1/2 hour!!!!

I’m an idiot! Never again!!!!

footnote: I’ve been watching now for over an hour so I can paint a clear picture of this evil incarnate. Oh wait the shows back on gotta go………Horrific!!!!!

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