House on the Riverbank w Parsons Man

Posted by Admin1 on April 02, 2013
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DSC04004OK so Happy Easter! I’ve decided to post here on my facebook because 1and1 web hosting has been down for upgrades and I can’t post my weekly blog there. Am I pis…sed? You can say that! I am spewing random things out here on my facebook and ingesting way to much Chardongay, a fabulous wine from Niagara on the Lake!

This past Thursday and Friday I skipped town to see some family in Peterborough. You know I am really growing fond of that city. Tee Hee, city. Anyway, I am and even more fond of some of the talent that floats in and out of the bars and clubs of this sleepy little hallow!

I went to have wine at my Brother’s place. He and his wife have a fabulously haunting home just around the river bend and as it is only the second time I have been able to visit since they moved there, it still captivates me. The sense of history and story this home must have. The people that have walked and loved in the beckoning rooms. I just love it. I’m not sure they even know how fab I think it is.

It was on this second visit I was rocked to my musical core. As you know, I love music. All kinds. My family has always been very musical and me well let’s just say it’s palpable in my life even as I retire from it for the most part, unless invited to sing and perform at a venue of my liking. I often refuse to see local bands perform. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s because the manager in me wants to get in there and do something for them to make them famous or whatever.

Maybe I have missed my calling but I gotta tell ya, I met a band in that fabulously haunting home that I just gotta talk about! I walked in on a rehearsal. Just a rehearsal mind you and was blown away. And no it was not the wine cuz I just started drinking. It was them. Raw passion, personify.

They call themselves Parsons Man. They write there own tunes. Did you hear me? They write there own tunes! Not computerized fodder for the talently impaired but a fussion of political metal punk jazz jig saw puzzle melodic hypnosis!

Ya that’s right! I went there. In short! Don’t take my word for it check them out for yourself! Damn and that was just a rehearsal!!! Get me a T Shirt people! I’m a fan!

Parsons Man
5 kisses out of 5
PS: No I never kissed the band! I would! But no! I didn’t!
PPS: I will give you my full review in a few weeks! Gotta see these guys live! Oh ya!
Check EM OUT! NOW!

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