I Am My Own Rainbow

Posted by Admin1 on January 31, 2011
Hmmm Good

March 4th’s concert got the green light, which is great so of course rehearsals will begin next week.  I’m still recovering from a ridiculous foot/ankle issue that has really got me feeling like crap so I won’t be doing much before then.  I think I have the go ahead to return to work Feb 9th so I’m happy about that and until then I’ll continue to write and rest.

I’m not sure anyone really knows this but I used to read Tarot cards!  I know inticing Bantha Fodder but remembering this got me thinking about something this week.When reading the tarot there is a card when chosen which tells you that friends or aquantances may not always react as sympathetic towards you as you would have thought when confronted with a life problem. I’m so lucky I don’t have this problem!

I did hear from friends, my Grandmother, Band Mate, Mother, Father and a few shout outs on face book and one sweetness from work!

I guess I am just lucky I guess! It’s so weird just relaxing at home. In spite of the pain it’s strange just being your own rainbow! It’s too bad it takes a sprained ankle to make a person slow down and smell the roses (or the muscle ointment)

I’m hoping to get back into the groves sooner than later! I’m not going to be able to come up with anything to write about stuck in bed! Wish me luck guys! I hope o see you soon!


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  • Bruce, you know I love ya… but I’m gonna give it to you straight up, as you know that’s how I operate.

    Having so much time to sit at home and think… is not good for anyone. Honestly, after you start working life, any interruption can mess you up.

    Also, you being you… well, you think you’re the center of the universe, and you are… to yourself! … And maybe John, he’s good like that 😉

    My point is that I’m sure a lot of your friends have THOUGHT about calling, because they genuinely care about you. Their lives being a lot busier than yours at the moment, what with job/kids/etc, they might have put it off and their good intention might have been wasted.

    Don’t hold it against them, my friend…

  • <p>Ok so you know I have to comment on your comment Alex! I am actually very pleased you decided to tell it like it is dear boy because you have proven a very interesting point I was trying to make in one of my earlier blogs “Insensitive vs. Sensitive @ the Grand Hive” First you have to ask yourself an honest question and that question is… “Would I consider myself the sensitive type or the less than sensitive type?” Neither one of your answers would be wrong of course but it would cause for a very different responce when encountered with disappointment wouldn’t it? You see my point in the previous article was it always seems that the people who are always making comments like the one you chose to make today are people lets say that are a bit cooler when it comes to the touchy feeling emotional stuff. You would never hear a more sensitive person make a comment like you have. Not that it’s wrong but you would get something more along the lines like “That’s too bad” or “I can’t believe they didn’t call!” I guess my point is, it would be nice that if just once an insensitive person “respectfully” could take themselves out of their own cold excistance for a moment to recognize some people do care wether or not they get acknowledged when feeling under the weather. Unfortunately however that is the paradox that keeps the Insensitive vs. Sensitive at odds. The sensitive will never stop getting hurt by those insensitive types but when the shit hits the fan the insensitve have no problem using our shoulders to finally cry on! Thanks for your post! :o)</p>

  • Bruce, I have not forgotten you!
    Please accept my apology for not showing my concern. I hope you are doing much better and I look forward to seeing you back at work. I miss your smiling face!

    Talk soon,

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