I felt like Marilyn Merlot….Hiccup!

Posted by Admin1 on March 04, 2012
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Aw Vino, Vino, Vino! My one true lover. You have so many moods and essences. Your beautiful tone and colour is addictive and cunning.  Your bold, your gentle, your earthy and you bite me on my tongue. You caress my throat like a hand of velvet and you give me one hell of a love hangover if I let you have your way, you little devil!

It was with this love in mind I travelled back  a couple of summers  when four “Queens” rode “The Queens Highway” out of our fabulous city to experience Niagara on the Lake.

One hour and forty-seven minutes later we were surrounded by lush fields of green and more back roads to “Pick a Hick” to. We were in wine country! How relaxing and alluring.  I could see the pickers picking for miles and the dust from the roads made me feel like I was on the set of “Little House on the Prairie”.

We stopped at a few quaint wineries and had a sample or two before heading to the main event.  Ron and Alan had kept tight lipped about where we were actually going. I made an excellent travel cd, with the likes of Joni Mitchell, Diana Kroll and Fleet Floxes. Great travel music is crucial for a great travelling experience. Don’t you think?

We arrived at Peller Estates Winery at about 1pm and wow what a fabulous estate! I was thrilled! A little luxury in the lap of a humid summertime.  We made our way to the grand entrance and the air was filled with the scent of earth and gossip. Mostly coming from us. We were taken by conversation about a boarder who’s cat had managed to break almost every fantastic vase in our flat.  He was always so apologetic and yet I didn’t get the same feel from the boarder!  He certainly never offered to replace them or offer any monetary gift to show sincerity for such unfortunate events but I digress.

We headed up to our wine class that lasted about an hour or so. We tasted many wines in different size glasses and it really did make a huge difference for taste and aroma.  The instructor of the nectar was very knowledgeable and professional. With a sip sip here and sip sip there it wasn’t long before we were looking at the world in rose’ coloured eyes.  I felt like Marilyn Merlot….Hiccup!

We made our way to the court for lunch. As we floated towards the patio a grand piano called out to John and he just had to tinkle the ivory with a rendition of Bach’s “Italian Concerto” Well a moment of it anyway.  No need to be ostentatious!

We were seated and the wine began to flow and the meal began to arrive! Simply outstanding and scrumptious.  There were even little flowers on the dessert that one could eat! Outstanding! When in Niagara! The day of course flew by and back on the road we were heading into the city.

Peller Estates

5 kisses out of 5


You have to try it!!!!

Thanks boys for the great memories!

I’d like to take a moment to give you a few names of some wines that I am a fan of and you can let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you to get some wine ideas from you!

Post your recommendations on my blog in the comments and if I choose your wine for my Spring Birthday Dinner Party, you will receive a gift card for the L.C.B.O for $20!!!! I know simple right? This contest closes March 21st, the first day of Spring! Leave your comments today!

Here are a few of my favs!

Peller Estates, Private Reserve, Riesling 2010, $16.75

Peller Estates, Private Reserve, Pinot Noir 2009, $24.80

Henry of Pelham, 2008 Riesling Reserve, $14.95

Henry of Pelham, 2007 Estate Cabernet-Merlot Reserve, $24.95

Wolf Blass, 2009 Vintage Shiraz, $27.95

Red Diamond, Cabernet Sauvignon table wine, $14.50

Plan your wine and cheese and let me know what you thought of these!


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