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Posted by Bruce on May 05, 2013
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…I sure do! I just can’t stop myself. I love it so much I’ve turn this pastime into a blog. I’m a “Roamer”. I’m like an old cell phone trying to find a connection. The amazing thing about me is, I usually find one, a connection, not a cell phone!

So what happens to a guy like me that loves to roam? All kinds of very curious adventures. I’m not sure if this roaming thing is just a guy thing or do gals get the urge for roaming? I never hear a girl, and believe I’m always in the company of women, say “You know yesterday I just had to get out and roam around.” If women have a need to do this I would love to hear from you.

This past Thursday was my first day off since the weather has gotten warmer and I just had to get out into it. I had planned to go see “The Flight of the Butterfly” but I really just needed to be outside. I decided to head over to the Danforth or better known in the city as Greek Town! I love that strip. All kinds of very cool shops and bars and restaurants. It’s one of my favorite areas to hang out on my day off in the city.

My first stop on the Danforth was a place I had visited and written about before “Papas Grill” The last time I had visited there was on my 41st Birthday. As I strolled up Greek Town and gazed into the windows of the local shops Papa was calling!!! I decided to stop drop and drink!! The waitress I had the night of my Birthday was there! I didn’t catch her name. I took a seat on the small patio out front. I love watching people. I was in the perfect spot for people watching!

This is such a fabulous restaurant! She took my drink order and of course I started with a Ceaser! Then I ordered that cheese thing they start on fire. I can never remember what it’s called!! Yes, “Saganaki” When you go to a Greek eatery you have to have it! It’s so fun! They blow it up right in front of you! They usually yell “Whoopa!” As I sat there sipping my Ceaser my lovely waitress came out and started my cheese ablaze and yelled “Whoopa!” I was thrilled! Everyone on the street was looking and I was fulfilled!

You know I just enjoyed every little bite. I dipped the fresh bread in the olive oil. I sipped my second Ceaser. I ate my burnt cheese! I watch all the people passing. It was 22 degrees out. I could literally see the leaves popping out of their buds as I sat there enjoying my life. Have you ever seen that movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.”? See it! There is a character who sits dream-fully at a fabulous fountain and sips her cocktail. I was her!

Then the muscles arrived. Oh wonderful. They just gleamed in the sunlight. Each little muscle covered in a sauce that was fit for Hercules. I ordered a fabulous Riesling. I was getting tipsy! I watched the people pass. I love roaming I thought. I felt like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, who enjoys the perfect spot to sit just as I do. I sipped my wine and I dunked my bread and I salivated over the hot steamy muscles.

I should really stop. It couldn’t possibly get better than this. Oh my! Creme Brulee!!! She suggested. I could not resist her. She was Aphrodite and I was getting more tipsy. She asked if I would like a lovely liqueur to compliment the Brulee. I said “Oh yes surprise me. She grinned knowing I was under her spell. It came and so did I! The most wonderful Brulee I had tasted in such a long time. I love you food. I really do!

I took my dreamy self off down the street. The girls were in there light sun dresses and the boys were walking topless and I was very tipsy and very full! I decided to stop at a Greek music store I had noticed many times but had never entered. It was time. I had to embraced my inner Greek.

The store banner read “Greek City Video” Surprisingly enough my mind never went to the obvious subtext. The sounds of Greece filled the air. My head was light and curious. I wanted some Greek music. I love Greek music. I love all the movies that “Nia Vardalos” made and my name comes from the Greek “Christophorus” Christo coming from the root “Christ” and Phorus meaning…. Well I have no idea but it’s Greek, OK!

I was a Greek virgin really up to this moment. I listened to Greek music on satellite and I have two Greek friends and love the Mythology but had I ever supported the Greek art scene? Oh no I was too busy buying terrible music like Madonnas new CD and that idiot who wrote the worst song in the history of music “Gangnam Style” I do apologies that isn’t the worst song in the world. It’s the second worst song in the world “Gentleman” from the same singer Sty? Sly? Dry? Sorry, Syi!! What an idiot, is!

Anyway, his name was Manny and he was very cool and super helpful. It’s easy to feel like an idiot when your trying to learn about something new, like art, music, culture but he was great! He pulled out some CD’s and told me about traditional Greek music styles and he even gave me a bit of a deal on the music I ended up buying. And I was surprised when he made reference to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Apparently Manny liked that movie to!

We are not so different after all and I am totally enjoying my new Greek tunes! I’ll be back for sure and who knows maybe I’ll get one of those Greek movies!!! Do you think they will have subtitles?

Until next week, keep having fun and if you do find yourself getting a little board with the way you do things, try doing it Greek! You just never know where you may roam. Hmm. Rome?

Greek City Video
452 Danforth Avenue
Toronto On
M4K 1P4

Check out their website!


5 kisses out of 5

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