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Posted by Bruce on April 10, 2016
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By now I’m sure you know about my obsession with Sushi.  I’ve been to many Sushi places in the city.  I have to admit I do love a great Sushi buffet but recently I found a cute little place called the Sushi Bar.  It is not a buffet place but the quality of their Sushi and the preparation of it far out weighs quality for quantity.
It doesn’t matter at what time of day I visit the little bar, everyone that works there welcomes me with a friendly hello.  Even from across the restaurant.  It’s pretty welcoming.
You feel like an old friend coming home from a long trip across country.  The décor is very lovely.  Very authentic, which of course I love. One of my favourite dishes is the Sushi Pizza.  I have had it at several places but I think  here at Sushi Bar it is the best.
It’s a bit out of the way but if you happen to find yourself up in the Lawrence area you should stop by and give them a try.  I’d call first because their hours of operation are kind of all over the place.
Anyway not the most colourful post this week but certainly worth the quick review.

The Sushi Bar


4 kisses out of 5


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