Posted by Bruce on September 16, 2012
Star Moments

I don’t know about you but I just can’t say no to a good party.  Believe it or not, I just don’t attend as many as I used to since moving slightly east of downtown.  I’m more Jersey than Manhattan now and I have to be honest I miss it allot. You have to know people that live downtown never venture from it to come for tea. You are always going to them. I get it, downtown is where all the action is but one trip now and again to my kneck of the woods wouldn’t kill anyone. This is why I was thrilled when the red carpet came calling. A fabulous reason to get back to the heart of the city you know I love!

My buddy “Str8 Italian” and I arrived slightly early to the galla after having some amazing wine at his place. We had some time to kill so he invited me over to check out his humble space.  Not so humble but rather a perfect nod to the 1950’s with a backyard you could film Alice in Wonderland prt 2 “The Escape of the Annoying Little Rabbit” in!  He on the other hand was quite humble considering the million dollar home with the weeping willow he owned. Simply fabulous! Why is it the wine is always better in million dollar homes?

We arrived to the galla in his big black car.  It’s one of those really nice ones but since I know little to nothing about cars I will simply say “Love that butt heating action!” As we waited for our big entrance to the galla, we chatted about stuff gay guys and str8 guys have in common…………. Nope I just couldn’t come up with anything there.  Somehow we never seem to be stuck for chatter however but I will tell you, we definitely live on two different planets.  I mentioned last week about my great red carpet entrance. Well, I was not alone.  “Str8 Italian” and I got the nod to make our way to the spot lights and camera flashes and I have to tell you if nails on a blackboard make you squirm, picture tough Str8 Italian joining me to gay anthem of anthems “We Are Family” Poor thing! Like a prostate exam very awkward but ends relatively quickly! He was a good sport and I was very proud of him.

I have been spending a fare bit of time with Str8 Italian lately and I gotta tell you there is plenty to be learned from our newly found friendship. Like for one when he gets mad at someone you can see he wants to stuff their back-end into a light fixture and punch a wall. When I get mad, I pop and anti anxiety pill and add more bronzer! I think our coming together is going to spawn a plethora of growing man moments for us both. Yes bitches, I am a man and not one of the ladies! God I hate stereo types. Ouch! Crap I hate this mascara!

Oh my god where was I? Yes galla! I just have to tell you about the scene.  It was amazing! Very sexy! Very Chic! Very packed! There were like rich people like smushed all together like a container of fishing worms but we wanted to be there and the cocktails were outstanding! Oh and did I mention complimentary? Oh yes! And one by one those nervous little rich people got more and more loosened up and oh the dancing! One poor little thing hit the ground running! Slip over head and her Prada’s straight into the air!  We of course behaved ourselves and limited our cocktail intake to a mere…..well I lost count. I was impressed my “Bud” knew enough to get me a chocolate martini while he enjoyed some hard liquor on the rocks! I couldn’t help but help the DJ run his booth! His call name was DJ Tab and he was outrages! He played anything and everything and I swear once we hit the dance floor we didn’t get off until 2AM.  Well, not together.

Until next week!

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