I should have taken a limo!

Posted by Admin1 on January 10, 2011

Hello everyone!!!! Wow the first week of 2011 is over and what a week it was, what with our show at Cafe California we were rehearsing like mad men! Well, the show went off without a hitch.

I wish I could say the same for the TTC.  My show was scheduled for 8 pm and I was pulling together the final details at about 6pm.  Things like wardrobe, sheet music, hair and make up etc! 

I leave my place at about 7pm and decide to take the bus!!  My first big mistake.   I wait and wait, finally Mr. TTC arrives.  Of course no grin to ease my pain as we eased on down the road.  I began to feel more hopeful as we pulled into Broadview subway station.  Down into the tunnel I go.  I hate the subway at the best of times but tonight even more! Delayed! Of course!  I sit and wait and the clock ticks on.

I finally arrive at Castle Frank where a bus is waiting just for me, well and 15 other people all trying to get on with their Friday night.  We get on the bus.  We get off the bus!  We were informed it broke down and is now out of service.  Your kidding me right it’s now 730pm and my show starts at 8.

Oh my God, the second bus finally shows up and we are off to the races.  Can you believe we head down the street just in time to be blocked by 3 fire trucks, sirens blaring.  We come to a halt! I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t be doing this show. Maybe I should be at home watching my new Wonder Woman series.

I finally pull into Cafe California at 752pm just in time for the show.  The overture begins, it’s the song “Tonight ” from West Side Story and the audience looks ready to be entertained.  I’m waiting in the wings and then my first number begins.  “The Very Thought of You.” being played by John P. Sigerson my pianist.  We played until about 930 with a little break in the middle.  If your curious the song list looked like this.

First Set

1 Tonight (opening instrumental by John S.)

2. The Very Thought of You

3. Where do I begin

4. Caro Moi Ben

5. The Sound of Music

6. A Whole New World

7. What are You doing the rest of Your life?

8. Over the Rainbow

Second Set

1. Send in the Clowns

2. Winter Light

3. Will You Be There

4. Circle Game

5. It Had to be You

6. Moon River

There you have it! The show in a nutshell.  A quick thanks to Leticia and Vince for having us to their wonderful restaurant! We will see you all again for Winter Licious!!! The night was amazing but I should have taken a limo!! LOL.


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