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Posted by Admin1 on September 01, 2013
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My six years at Holt Renfrew was a whirlwind of fashion and celebrities and even though I am so happy to have moved on from that experience, I can’t help but keep fashion close by.  I am not talking about what I like to call “Bulk Barn” fashion. We all know it Gucci, Prada, Burberry and the conglomerate of the forced popular fashion fads!  I’m talking about home grown, intelligent, artistic and environmentally conscience “LAVISHY!”

LAVISHY is a Toronto based designer label. They have 2 simple boutiques and 1 online store that not only sells LAVISHY’s own designs but also other fun, unique and affordable gifts from around the world.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like me some Prada but don’t you get a little tired of the media and the runway telling You what is hot and what is not.  You know, it’s only a bunch of people’s opinions.  I myself tend to disagree with many of those fashion must haves.  Every fall we get the same what’s hot “Lets really layer it. Like with a deep coloured undershirt, with a fabulous red vest and how about some boots. I see leather and I see scarves and lets throw in a second scarf just to make it that much more fabulous.” Well ya it get’s to be 40 below here in Canada so layers really seem to work every year.

Oh and how about this $8000 snake skin handbag….Maybe if your name is Cruella! I’m thinking this fall season we should think globally. Think, lets not wear that cow or baby dear skin and lets shrink the imprint we are leaving on the planet. Embrace LAVISHY!!!

LAVISHY was founded in 2001.  After more than a decade in the business, LAVISHY is still creating great new and inspiring environmental and animal friendly accessories.

I strolled in their one shop up past Yonge and Eglington. The handbags caught my eye immediately.  The style was unique and elegant but still a real hint of some fun.  I looked around for a moment and was thinking, I know some fabulous woman who would love some of these must haves.

You can just read this blog and think “Ok just another store, another handbag but no!! This is special. Step away from that “Winners” Bulk Barn Prada wrack and put some real accessories style into your life experience.  I think any good designer would agree with me. Let’s face it. If no one took a chance on them, they would still be selling there wears along the St. Lawrence Market or Greenwhich Village!!

I love to see anything new, when it comes to fashion but I enjoy the idea of young children “Not” making the finished product and animal hides not being draped across by back!


4 kisses out of 5






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