I’m on Vacation Brucesters!

Posted by Bruce on March 08, 2015
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I’m on vacation Brucesters!  It seriously seems like forever since I have had a holiday.  I am always on the go.  I can’t believe that another birthday is upon me to. Those come around a lot faster than they used to.
I remember the really fun parties my Mom and Pops would put together for me when I was  kid.  Those were great times.  Thanks Mom and Pops.  The lead up to your birthday was almost unbearable wasn’t it?  Knowing all your pals would be paying homage to you.  Even the street bully would have to suck it up and bring a gift wrapped in perfect paper and a bow.  Usually you would get the best gift from him/her because the kid’s parents would feel extra bad because, well let’s face it, they are the reason for this spawn’s existence!
It felt so good to watch him mouth the words to Happy Birthday as he undoubtable planned his next taunting exercise.  Until then I would revel in the security that was my birthday!
Well I have a few weeks until another birthday flies by so I planned a little vacation for myself.  I’m not a big traveller as you may have guessed reading my blog over the years.  Although I am thinking of changing this fact in the coming year.
Well just before I head out of the city I have to tell you about another outstanding burger shack I found quite by mistake the other day.  I signed back up to Good Life fitness two weeks ago.  I can’t stand the little attitudes of most of their employees but they have the best facilities so you are kind of stuck.  I was thinking I was going to revoke the membership, out of fear I wasn’t really going to use it, but then I went to inquire; the manager was cold and foreboding.  I did decide to continue my membership but now I dislike them even more.
Don’t worry I’ll be speaking to their head office about the incident.  But I digress.  This is not what this blog is about.  Thank God for them!  Anyway the burger shack… better known as “Fat Phill’s”.  I left the gym as I was saying and of course I was starving.  You forget just how hungry your body gets after you make it do things it doesn’t really want to do.  Oh God like lifting things and moving and sweating.  I just hate these unnatural things!
I decided to do what was most natural to me, eat! The little restaurant’s slogan is “We’re talkin burgers, chicken, souvlaki, salads, ice cream…” They are not kidding.  I chose the burger.  I just wanted a plain old burger.  I really didn’t care, I was hungry.  I decided to have it with mozza cheese.  Mmmm that sounded fabulous.
I took a seat and beside me was an older guy watching Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood on a T.V that was mounted in the corner.  It was in another language.  I couldn’t tell you which language.  My burger arrived in due haste and just as it arrived the older guy started chatting me up.  We talked Costner, weather, our distain of world issues.  It was pretty cool.  He had an accent but I couldn’t tell you from where it originated.
I bit into that burger and holy crap!  It was the most delicious thing I had tasted.  So juicy and mouth watering.  The flavour was outstanding!  I’m serious.  I looked back at the girl who had sold me this burger and she just smiled at me like she knew.
I said out loud to the man I had been catting with, “This is bloody fantastic!”  He thanked me and confessed he was the owner. “Well good on you” I said.  “This is bloody fantastic!”B_qn5nSWAAE6d00
He let me continue to eat as he made his way back to the grill area.  I guess he knew our conversation was no longer necessary.  I was clearly preoccupied!
You have to check it out!  It was so good and so unexpected I just had to tell you about it.



4 kisses out of 5


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

Thoughts from the Editor: There is nothing better than a good burger for comfort food!  As for Good Life… I think it is the same everywhere.  I never felt comfortable at the Good Life here in Belleville.  I had my membership for about 2 years but gave it up after the kids were born.  Not worth the cost and I would rather ride my bike outside anyways.





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