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Posted by Bruce on May 25, 2020
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In a Darkened Room

The heartbeat of you
Touching caressing in a darkened room
Magical mystical you
Feeding a powerful obsession

Tasting your lips and pressing ever closer
Unbreakable enchantment pleasing you in a darkened room
Longing for every inch of you

Light the candles by the window
Throw caution to the night
The time has come your going in
Magical mesmerizing the grip of my love
Taking you in a darkened room

Longing every night
When we touch again
Memories music to my soul
Feelings of rapture as you make me yours
Feeding my need in a darkened room
Nothing but dawn can curse our souls

The moon so brilliant
Loving us loving each other
Watching us like a welcomed intruder
In a darkened room

The day is so close
You are so close
A spiral of desire as I take you in
Our hearts like pounding drums
Rushings of all the love to be conjured
Only moments before the sun melts away the memories


Bruce Christopher

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