Insensitve vs Sensitive @ The Grand Hive!

Posted by Bruce on October 10, 2010

Oh man!!!!! What was I thinking blogging today???? It’s Thanksgiving!!! It’s my turkey day! I’m having guests!  I’m peeling potatoes! With only two hours of sleep last night I decorated my Harvest tree!!! What you say?  A Harvest tree? Yes a Harvest tree! Maybe next week I’ll post some pics of it. I love it, it’s amazing!  You can see my dilemma!  How can I possibly concentrate on a meaningful blog when dreams of turkey breast dance in my head!!  Oops, sorry, wrong season!
While I was having a wonderful Caesar  cocktail at “The Grand Hive” Friday night with two of my closest friends, I could not help but notice conversations going on around me, beside me, and I think even through me. They left me thinking; can we be broken down into two types of people, Insensitve vs Sensitive?   Well I know it’s not that easy but I have noticed that I hear often enough “He is too sensitive!” “She is not sensitive enough.” “Stop taking everything so personally.” “You don’t care about anybody but yourself.” I think what everyone is saying is, “Can you stop for just a moment and hear me?”  Where can we find a balance of remaining sensitive to others without sacrificing yourself along the way?
As my two pals and I talked this over, a perfect plate of white wine muscles came to our table and the nachos with home made guacamole making our taste buds sore, I thought how did we all get so damn serious? Then  we ordered ourselves another cocktail and some BBQ jumbo shrimp.
The outdoor patio was relaxing and filled with lounge couches and surrounded by stunning old maples.  I don’t know the history of this old home, but the chandeliers and rustic feel of this wonderful spot made us all the more relaxed and I thought, “This is a very good restaurant, I must come back! ” Go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!!!!  I’m In A Hurry!!!! Turkey Burning!!!!!
See you next Sunday!

(since this posting the Grand Hive is no longer open for business)

Edited by  Mary Ellen Monk

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  • I definitely think we need more sensitive people in this world. I’m not saying that we should walk on eggshells around others, but really stop and think before you speak. People can be so inconsiderate at times. This is absolutely one of my pet peeves!

    Great blog here, Bruce! Love how you put in your two cents while enjoying a scrumptious meal. Will definitely try some of the eateries you recommend. Keep up the good work!


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