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Posted by Bruce on April 01, 2018
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Before I get started this week. I wanted to first wish everyone a Happy Easter!

And now As promised part two of Inspiration Point, my blog on Ruth Mead Author and Finance Exec who has inspired many in her field and beyond. I wanted to spend a bit more time on her best selling book, though to be clear it’s not Ruth’s main focus currently as she now runs her very own business venture in Financial Consulting and Planning.

In fact, Ruth has managed to transition herself into a seasoned leader of the ilk she once sat alongside for over two decades! Head of her own Wealth Management Practice and mentor to other Consultants; she puts into full force the power of all her past international experience in business coupled with the operational swiss-like efficiency capability borne from her years as UK’s award winning Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff. The combination and effect of all this has catapulted her success to the almost “unheard of” category leaving many pondering her “secret sauce”

In Ruth Mead’s international bestseller Jewel in the LEADER’s Crown, Ruth shares her over two decades of experience working with some of the highest-ranking leaders of global industry. This includes FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 corporations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America including some global businesses you may know quite well: PepsiCo, McDonald’s, O2 plc, Canadian Tire, and BMO Financial Group.
What Ruth offers in her book is an up close and professional look at what she describes as lessons from her own highs and lows that helped Ruth discern the secret of her success. The catalyst being politicians, members of royalty, and executives the world over. If your goal is this type of success, these would be most definitely the people to pay attention to.
“It’s often hard to detect the many layers of unspoken traits.” she explains. Ruth asks how and why the finest gems sparkle. “It’s that “aha” moment as you break down the science behind the workings of magnificence”. Ruth adds.
In a world where being successful, even for a glimpse of a moment is more difficult then ever before, Ruth’s book seems to be the bright light of inspiration to those who may find themselves business bruised.
You’ll find a treasure trove of tools from practical tips to prepare you for those unwanted negative surprises in your day. This read just may be the guide to living your best life. There is no doubt Ruth is one of the most positive women I’ve spoken to in years. She’s open, strong, commands a room I’ve no doubt, and yet with all her ability and talent, surprisingly gracious and approachable. Here’s a quote from one of her previous UK “bosses”, a “Sir” no less! which I found most impressive.

“….there has been little attention paid to the role of the executive assistant in lifting organizational performance. Jewel in the LEADER’s CROWN rectifies this omission….”
Sir David Varney, Former Permanent Secretary HM Treasury, London UK

Not a bad resume I’d say! Certainly this book is a gift worth taking a look at.

The executive assistant role and how it can be the stepping stone to some of business greater achievements seems to be the silver lining here. Anyone looking to climb their own personal business or personal mountain should check out this jewel.

“…to this profession, I gave my lifetime – it gave me, the time of my life. ~Ruth Mead

Perhaps a further clue to figuring out her own fine personal brand, she says:

“Be the Picasso of your art, the Ferrari of your field.
Be the exclusive, Hermes Birkin of your industry and
As distinctive as Christian Louboutin red soles”!

…and those very fabulous red soles have become her signature and claim to fame – perhaps it’s no wonder she was first in line to meet their maker during his visit to Toronto’s Holt Renfrew!

And that my friends is simply, Ruth Mead!


Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk


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