Inspiration Point part one

Posted by Admin1 on March 25, 2018
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Hey Brucesters!

As Women’s Month winds down I feel it is the perfect time to spotlight an author/wealth/financial advisor because her story is simply inspiring. So sit back, relax, enjoy your cup of joe and get ready to be inspired! Ladies and Gents my guest this week! Ruth Mead.

Bruce: Before we really get going here I’d love to break the ice by asking you a personal question. Your eyes widen! Don’t be scared! With everything you have achieved, which we are going to get into, I’m just curious what you do to help you remain balanced with the challenges of your very successful career and your personal time.

Ruth: Great question! You know I love playing my grand piano. It balances me. It gives me that all important grounding. I love it!

Bruce: It is a great instrument. My partner plays. I can picture you lost in the keys. So my first question with regards to your career is usually the last question an interviewee will ask, but in speaking with you it became abundantly clear you get a special energy from the thought of inspiring people, men and woman alike. Would you say that’s an accurate statement?

Ruth: I do enjoy sharing my story to inspire those who wish they could have the courage to move internationally to another country, or to leave that dead end job that no longer inspires them, start that business to do the thing that really sets their soul on fire, write that book that’s been inside them for decades or to even change their career path altogether even at an older age. My story is one of courage when I moved from London, England to Toronto to live as a family (at a slightly less frantic pace). We then moved out of the city altogether, I wrote a book and now I run my own Financial Planning Practice going back and forth between Toronto (again) and cottage country (best of both worlds!). Although I am an author with my book on Amazon, my focus is very much on my Financial Planning Practice (Ruth heads up her own Financial Planning Practice with Investors Group) and improving my clients’ financial well-being.

Bruce: Well as they say when approaching a hot fudge sundae, best to start at the top.

Ruth: Yes. As a young girl I lived in Africa where my parents were Missionaries, then we moved to Wales! One of my earliest memories was picking fresh mangoes from my garden and juice running down my face!

Bruce: Can you believe I ate my first mango just the other day? It was fabulous. Please continue!

Ruth: I relocated internationally to Canada from London, UK over 10 years ago. For over two decades, I worked alongside captains of the industry in the UK as their right hand (PepsiCo, McDonald’s, O2). It was the most amazing job which took me from organizing a private concert at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor (where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to wed!) to Geneva, Switzerland, from interactions with royalty to co-ordinating a commercial with the Spice Girls!

Bruce: Okay, I’m sorry, Stop Right Now!! The Spice Girls? Okay you had me at Two Become One. You are now my best friend! Okay, right now I’m saying for the record you’re coming back to fill me in on that in much more detail! I understand you were awarded the National UK Role Model for your work the Consultant’s Choice Award, 2017″and featured in the Press from the BBC to Japan Radio?

Ruth: Yes. One of my most surreal moments was being asked on live Japan Radio, “What is your message of inspiration to the women waking up in Japan this morning?”

Bruce: That’s exciting. Seriously, I’m very impressed with that. I mean I’m lucky if my partner asks, “turquoise or cerulean?” for a tie let alone inspiring people on a national level.

Ruth: In Canada, my professional career reached new heights supporting the Board of Canadian Tire followed by BMO Bank of Montreal.

Bruce: I bank at the BMO. You and I are just like two peas in a pod! I understand you also became a fashion image consultant? I love fashion and worked for Holt Renfrew for six years as Sales Supervisor and Fashion Sales Ambassador. I loved it!

Ruth: As for my personal passion for fashion, to clarify I only studied image consulting as a hobby purely as an interest to enhance my own understanding, as style is a passion of mine. I left the smoke of the city entirely to realize my dream of raising my son in a more rural setting. Making our “cottage” a full time home.

Bruce: When did the passion for writing began?

Ruth: It was at that point I decided to embark on the book I was always encouraged to do “one day”. Just over a year later, I launched my book on Amazon: “Jewel in the LEADER’s CROWN” (powerful strategies to shine as an Executive Assistant & beyond)

Bruce: And it was featured as a best seller in its category, with rave reviews I understand. Then things kind of came full circle for you?

Ruth: Very. Following the launch of my book I stumbled across an opportunity which took me back to the University classroom to finally follow in the footsteps of my father teaching financial planning.

Bruce: All of this experience in international business, were you satisfied being confined to the four walls of a classroom? Even though I have no doubt those students learned much.

Ruth: Thank you. You’re correct, my passion drew me to a vocation I LOVE; My own Financial Planning practice where I thrive upon making a transformational difference in people’s lives.

Bruce: I want to come work for you! You’re a rockstar in the financial industry! I’m no rock star but I did win CNE Rising Star in 1998! I can tell you about that later. In your first year you were awarded a coveted place in the President’s Circle and has since earned much acclaim with a long list of awards. Where does your inspirational edge come from?

Ruth: Working alongside senior leaders along with having worked alongside high net worth leaders for most of my career, I gained a unique understanding for clients of this ilk and an innate ability to tailor my planning to delight.

Bruce: When she’s not helping her clients become financially fit, you’ll find her on the dock of a bay with her family, wasting time.

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President’s Circle Award, 2016
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To be continued…

Next Sunday I take a closer look at Ruth’s successful book and those signature shoes!


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