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Posted by Admin1 on January 28, 2015
Coffee Shops
I’m always chasing relaxation!  It’s true.  I have realized that it is what I desire most and get the least of.  It’s not easy getting relaxation.
“No!” John spouts.
“What?”  I ask interrupted in thought.
“Wait. I’m figuring it out.” He replies.”
“Can you interrupt me once you know what you want to say?”
I’m annoyed.  The sound of Napkin Man begins to play in the background.
“Well now how am I suppose to concentrate?”
It’s my go to in the morning when I just want to retreat back into a childhood.  Oh, don’t judge me.  You all have shows like this you go back to when by yourself.  Bugs Bunny!  The Smurfs!  Charlie Brown!  Napkin Man!  There is good stuff to learn here.I’m Napkin Man I’m here for you… Doh!  I can’t concentrate.  John looks at me like the “Cheshire cat”!  Then he shuts it off.
“Where did it go?” I said as I noticed he has shut it off.
“I wouldn’t want to disturb you because I loooove you.” He teases.
Find my happy place.  Find my happy place!”You bitch” John laughs as he realizes I am documenting this exchange!As I was saying.  I can’t seem to find the relaxation that I’m looking for.  I just don’t have enough down time. Between writing and working and family and animals and bills etc. my life seems pretty full.  Oh, how could I forget planning birthday parties.  My partner’s birthday is arriving soon and where does Bruce in the City take the love of his life for his birthday?  Well, that’s next week’s blog.

Hey by the way, I’m sorry for being late this week.  My little red computer did finally die.  I’m heart broken but I’m going to give it one more try at the laptop experts and see what they can do, if anything, to resuscitate him.Anyway so this is why my blog is being posted on a random day this week.  I had to beg John to use his computer.  He is always recreating scores.  As in music scores.  It keeps him pretty busy.  I think he could use some relaxation too.  Maybe even more so than me.  No, maybe I take that back.I search the city of Toronto every week looking for a little place I can hang my hat.  Away from the noise of the city.  Away from the rush of people who can’t cover their mouth when they cough.  Oh my God that drives me crazy!!  Seriously is this such a difficult thing to do.  Place arm over mouth… cough.  We can’t even manage to get this right.  And we want peace on earth!!

I wouldn’t mind a little peace from your mucus being breathed on me after one of those obnoxious sneezes when stuck on the bus.  I am going to pick up some of those surgical masks like the ones I see many Asian people use.  I think they have the right idea.  Mmm, now I’m craving Sushi!

Okay so relaxation.  Where to get it.  Who has it and what to do with it once you find it!  I did find a little the other day.  I passed by a cute little coffee house up past Lawrence.  So basically where Christ lost his sandals and…. What is with that saying?  Do we even know that Christ lost his sandals?  I’m never going to torture you with that saying again.  Where was I?  Oh yes.. Christ lost his sandals, so anyway I decided to stop in.  It is a modern looking little spot but rustic at the same time.  Again it was the music that got me to stay and the smell of some wonderfully brewing coffee.
I decided to stay.  Me and my laptop took a spot beside the little fireplace they can’t use because of all the children the parents bring.  I’m not a big fan of children so thank God there were none there that day.  Am I being too honest?  Now I’m sad.  It was the last day my laptop turned on.  I had decided I was going to let you guys know how nice and welcoming the place was and I even let them know I was going to write about my very relaxing experience.  I began to write and sip my dark roast when I realized I was running late for something and had to speed off.  I quickly packed up my things and took a few photos.  The girls there were fabulous.  It’s a damn shame I’m always in a rush.

Did I mention they gave me my coffee and scone for free?  I know.  So sweet!  I’ve been back twice already since then.  The whole experience that day was just ideal.  Thanks ladies (Nakayla and Laura) and see you soon!

I Deal Coffee
4 kisses out of 5
editor:  Mary-Ellen Monk

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