It Started with a Coffee

Posted by Bruce on December 22, 2019
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For my last article of 2019. I want to tell you about something I witnessed this season and feel compelled to share it with you.

He was in a coffee shop. People are always in coffee shops. He was just charging his phone; it seemed and drinking coffee. Sightseeing? He sat there for a bit. Skaters were enjoying the ice rink in the downtown core of Kingston.

His day looked lovely, and he looked lovely from his reflection in the front window. I could tell he thought so.

He stood up. Offered a mature woman, his chair and stepped out into the street. Families were still skating. The sun was shining, but it was cold.

He sat his travel bags down. That’s when he noticed the young woman sitting on the stairs of a local eatery. It looked like she was crying. That’s at least what I thought. Did no one else notice her tears? Perhaps just a few folk, like the woman in the window seat inside the restaurant.

He offered her a cigarette. He gave her more. She was crying. Really tough day for her. She had been sitting there almost an hour before one guy showed up with a smoke and a shoulder.

She couldn’t believe someone stopped. You could see it in her face.
Then a resounding, “My Mother just died!” She broke, and the tears flowed. She was in shock. The words were fresh out of her mouth. Still, her stranger stayed strong. There may have been a chuckle or two before she inevitably passed out.

I didn’t know what to do. I was witnessing a real broken heart and real broken dreams. Finally, people came out of the restaurant to lend a hand. 911 was called. Her husband was called. Nosey people were now coming in to gawk. I asked them to move on and give her space.

She was in mourning. In shock. She consciously called for her stranger. He shouted, “I’m here. You’re going to be all right.” The door shut to the ambulance. Amanda’s husband had arrived just in time. “She’s on her way to….”, and the voice faded from my ear. The husband gave the stranger a heartfelt-thank you.

The ambulance sped away. The streets quickly turned back into a place of smiles. It was cold, and snow began to fall. Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men? It took a bit, but it was there. People had stepped up. Helped out. Lent what they had to make her comfortable.

Don’t let them tell you we can’t love. We can’t get along. We can’t get things done.

I’ll never forget her face. It’s imprinted on my brain. I hope she knew how much everyone cared. It just takes a moment to make a difference. Let’s get on with a lot more of that this new year.

Merry Christmas

Bruce Christopher

Editor Bruce Law

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