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Posted by Bruce on April 29, 2018
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Hey Brucesters!

The sun is shining! The grass is green! The maples and evergreens sway! It’s such a perfectly gay day just before the month of May! Ok, ok. I ripped that off of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas!
If only everything was perfectly perfect. Well it is getting close. John and I are all a tizzy with the prospects of him getting a new church to direct. It’s been some time since he has been full time on an organ bench and it feels like this could be the one. I know one shouldn’t count their chickens before they’re hatched but I’d really love for him to get this. He’s directed there the last two weeks and I don’t know, call me impartial, but I thought he was brilliant and the congregation is really great. We decided after his service today that we would hit a little hot spot for some much needed substance. Of course, I mean food, not like substance. John suggested this little Gastro Pub on Carlton called The Irv. Honestly, at first glance, there almost seemed a glowing Epiphany star leading us to this non-descript spot. Humble and beckoning from the outside yet so trendy on the inside and barely a seat to be had. Clearly many had followed the same star.  Jacklyne greeted us and showed us a perfectly perfect spot in the rear end of the eatery. The decor was trendy bistro chic and the tunes today were early 80’s. There was a cute couple beside us who I chatted with for a moment about it being a little on the warm side in there, but apparently the landlord went off to Greece and left the heat blasting so not their fault. Our server was really amazing and we learned that the pub was in fact a family affair. They’ve been open about four years now and their story is a very special one. I’ll let Regan tell it in his own special way.

“After losing my Dad to ALS in January of 2013, my wife Jackie and I wanted to open a place of our own to pay tribute to the man they called Irv. With the support of my mother Tina our dream became a reality. Just over a year later on March 1st 2014, we opened our doors, trying our best to provide great service, a comfortable atmosphere and delicious homemade food.”
Cheers from our family to yours,
– Regan Irvine

I never cut and paste but honestly, I couldn’t have shared that any better. What an incredible story of hope and strength, family and community! Just an extra bit of info I thought was amazing they in their first year raised over $100,000 for ALS. Visit their official website at the end of this article for more fabulous facts about this wonderful pub!

We had the eggs benedict traditional and smoked salmon. Lovely hollandaise sauce with sweet potato and traditional home fries. Super yum! I had a cider (Pommies Cider from Caledon On) which is only $5.50 a pint on a Sunday and John had the house white. Both enjoyable! We chatted over the prospects of his new post and we hoped a little and prayed a lot. I personally hope he gets the position because it would mean more reasons to visit Irvs again and again! And who knows, John may even convince me to join the choir!

5 kisses out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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