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Posted by Bruce on August 02, 2020
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This week I have a very special guest with a very special company. One that I’m sure my bearded followers will love. He’s known as Captain Ken and after he reached out to me to share his beautiful beard jewellery with me. I knew I had to write about him and his company. I usually do all the talking as you know, but this time Captain Ken should really do the honours. His incredible personality and wit are as precious as his bearded jewels. Please take a moment and enjoy Captain Ken and his bio!

Captain Ken:

Thanks for your interest in the Beard Jewelry Co. This is Captain Ken, the designer of the BeardGem, writing to you. I’ve been involved in the jewelry industry for most of my adult life in a whole range of capacities. Since the beginning, forty years ago, designing has always had the unique ability to bring about personal and fairly instant gratification/satisfaction. That is not to say that building a successful full-service jewelry store here on the Outer Banks of NC (Diamonds ‘n Dunes) didn’t have its rewards, but I closed that store a few years ago.

Currently I am concentrating on servicing clients with special orders one-on-one. Generally, engagement rings. During this transition I have finally found the time to bring into the public eye one of my earliest design concepts. I’ve been wearing some version of this creation, “the beard stud”, since I came up with the concept many decades ago. Through the course of time I have had occasions to make many different models. Some were sports related like football, basketball, and baseball. Others were more thematic, like a ships wheel, a wave design, a steering wheel for a race car, etc. etc. For an entry level, broad-appeal based concept, I created what I characterize the “Captains Collection” BeardGem. This product-line consist of a few variations of the one we gifted to you. These are all precious metal (sterling silver)

lost wax method of casting, and hand assembled pieces of jewelry made in our California factory. So…as can be seen on our website,, in addition to the basic silver model we make both a 14Kt. yellow gold-plated version, (a process referred to as vermeil) and a black rhodium version. All these colors are offered it a high polish version, as well as a textured version. Any style is available with your choice of a simulated diamond, ruby, or sapphire.

So far, the gold plated and simulated diamond version is the most popular. It should be noted that we in fact do have a solid 14Kt gold and diamond version for $295. Also, we entertain all special-order request, and provide feedback that will allow for manufacturing to move forward. The website is designed as an e-commerce platform, and fans can reach out to us via Instagram messenger, or one of my personal email:

Instagram @bearded_jewelry

This is a new venture, though it has taken us well over a year to get to this stage. Like I mentioned, I’ve had a few decades to think about this. We have put a significant amount of time, effort, and resources into branding this company to reflect our passion for/sophistication of the BeardGem. We consider the BeardGem to be ‘real jewelry’. That is to say; it is made of precious metals, with computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing, by professionals who are recognized within the jewelry world as artist and artisans.

Author Captain Ken and Bruce in the City

Editor Martin Rye

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