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Posted by Bruce on November 27, 2016
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It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by.  Another season of Bruce in the City is quickly coming to a close with just a few short weeks left of 2016.  It’s hard to believe I just keep cranking out this blog about, well me, and of course this fine city of Toronto.  Since 2010 I’ve been exploring the city and sharing with you some cool finds and I’m hoping maybe one or two of you have had the chance to actually try a shop or two.  Maybe you have stopped by one of my favorite restaurants.  It’s never too late.  Look back on my blog, there is a lot of good ideas for people living in and out of city limits.

The first blog I ever wrote was about a fabulous Thai restaurant down on Ontario St.  It’s the perfect time to share with you another great Thai place at the north end of the city.  I’ve actually been there a few times now and I’ve been meaning to let you know about it.  It’s a family run business and it really hasn’t been there very long.  A really nice Filipino family own and operate it and though the place isn’t as fancy as some of the other restaurants in the neighbourhood, it makes up for it with the fabulous tastes.

It’s a well thought out menu with a touch of Filipino fare.  The Filipino Crispy Pork, which I haven’t tried yet but am going to on my next visit, looks fantastic.  My favorite dish they serve at the moment is the Chicken Cashew Nut.  It’s very nice.  The fresh peppers and just the right amount of zing in the sauce.  Yummy!  They actually offer 12 different appetizers.  I think that’s amazing.  5 Vietnamese Soups and over a dozen main dishes.  For a little spot on the Yonge street, strip it packs a hearty menu with a flair.

They also have lunch specials and they cater!  Did I mention Uber Eats?  They have got it all!!!  They certainly have thought of everything. It must be a tough market out there competing against all the restaurants this city has.  I really enjoy their food.  I would love to see them on those remake your restaurant type of shows.  It would be kinda cool to see them get a face lift.  Well not them but their eatery.

I certainly hope when checking out this fine city you will give this Mom and Pop’s Thai place a visit.  It really is delicious.  It would help if I gave their address now wouldn’t it?

Phayao Thai Restaurant and Asian Cuisine

3443 Yonge St

Toronto On


4 kisses out of 5


Next Sunday I am going to tell you about my favorite new sock shop!!


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