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Posted by Bruce on November 25, 2012
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Despite the fact that sometimes life can feel repetitive and mundane, all that fades away when given two fabulous tickets to an amazing fundraiser.  Our highly entertaining friend and stage performer “Patte Rosebank” decided to send us a Facebook message asking John and I to the 11th annual “Gilda’s Club” event.

Because I have my Facebook linked to my phone her invite was instant and taunting. I had to call home A.S.A.P because It’s so unlike me to pass up anything spectacular such as a fund raiser.

Ok so jump to the chase. You guys are thinking “What is Gilda’s Club, anyway?” If you don’t know, it may be a good thing, not needing them is the best position to find yourself but for those who do it is simply put, a God sent!

Over the past 11 years, the Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto program has proven it’s effectiveness. They bridge the gap in critical care for people living with cancer. Its revolutionary and pioneering model of community based care is second to none. Their slogan is “….Gilda’s Club is the missing link in the cancer care system…”

As we made our way into the Sony Center we were greeted by a photographer who snapped a quick picture of us and we were off to the vino bar. Patte sported a hand designed feather jacket that literally stopped onlookers in their designer heels. I thought only in New York but not tonight. Only on 1 Front St. in Toronto. Enjoy the photo’s on my Facebook page.!/BruceWChristopher

For those of you youngsters who may not know this girl Gilda, I would say get surfing You Tube and get familiarized. She was only one of the most ingenious comedians of all time and an inspiration certainly to me and to many hilariously funny people. She passed from ovarian cancer in 1989. Her career was a lustrous one and her star shines today on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.” I will supply a link to Gilda’s Wikipedia page to get you up on her life and career. I would have to write 2 blogs to fit it all in.

As we took our seats a pencil portrait was displayed on large overhead screens. I committed the cardinal sin and took a digital snap of it. Of course Patte gave me hell. I did my best to pretend I didn’t hear her but she is not a apparition to be ignored. I admired her integrity and took a few more photo’s. I had only moments to eye the program.  I had no idea who was on the bill.

O.M.G! Actor Eric McCormack! Singer Songwriter Nelly Furtado! Comedian Ron James! Musicians Glass Tiger! Broadway Artist Louise Pitre, Singer Songwriter Linda Ortega! Comedian Kristen von Hagen! Vocalist Divine Brown!  Dylan Murray! Danielle Wade (Andrew Lowde Webber’s Over the Rainbow winner) Musicians The dexters & Cirque Sublime!

I was invited to sit among people who for no other reason but to give of their time and talent’s for the sake of others in need and that was inspiring to me. Did I enjoy every talent that was on that stage? No, but that was not the point. They were not just stars or the wealthy or the over-privileged or under privileged, they were just people realizing a higher purpose.

As my eyes filled with tears many times during that fantastic tribute to this remarkable person. I was reminded that we can all be bigger than the sum of our part’s. We have no excuses when it comes to the treatment of others. We have moved to the next chapter in the world and for those who still don’t get it, I shake my head and say I do feel sorry for you. Stop being so self absorbed in your own existence and start to give. Open up your heart and realize that in life, it’s always something.


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