Good Old Dan.

Posted by Bruce on November 11, 2012

Before I commence with my blog this week. Let’s remember the men and women who gave and give their lives for our freedom. Past Present and Future

We thank YOU.

It isn’t often when we head out for a good meal or a much needed drink that we actually think of the history a place may have. The fabulous thing about living in a great city like T.O most odd little eatery’s be they Taco spots, Pizza joints, or  Burger Shacks, (I am not talking about the big chain shacks) if the interior is aged and worn you can be sure the place has seen a good many years. My buddy and I headed out and hit the corner of Queen and Broadview.  

The Burger Shack we had happily found was called Dangerous Dan’s Diner. Dangerous Dan was actually born Dan Wooley. He was actually from Port Dover, Ontario. Dan got the nickname “Dangerous Dan” thanks to his love for Wrestling.  Apparently he spent allot of time watching and practicing his moves on his Grand kids. Hmm, Weird but anyway!  Dan was given the name by his grandson James McKinnon (the owner of Dangerous Dan’s Diner) I can’t be sure but I think that might have been who took care of us when we decided to get down and dirty with what I honestly think were the best burgers I have ever eat’n. Apparently Dan was a lover of food just like me and decided to take it to a whole new level.  He was known to put just about anything into his mouth! That’s wonderful isn’t it? Just like me! How dangerous.

So we sat surrounded by car seats. Pulled from old jalopies and funny signs all around like one that said “Don’t sit at a dirty table or we will assume you like it that way and leave it the way it is.” Very smart. I can tell you one thing. The food was truly amazing. I have had my fare share of burgers and these were sooooo goooood!

Every person in the joint was a character all unto themselves. One guy with a long black beard made eye contact with us and we pretended we were somewhere else like the buffet at the Royal York but he was harmless and aside from his tats and large rottweiler waiting on the pole outside he seemed pretty friendly.

The there was the couple behind us who for some strange reason had one broken arm each. Lovely. The burgers were worth the view which was if I’m not mistaken a mash up of yuppies and street people sporting Chinese made Burberry Scarves.

I gotta tell ya even though we both quietly feared for our existence we would highly recommend you give this very cool Toronto hot spot a try! It’s fun! Who new there were so many rednecks right here in this great city!

Maybe if they can organize themselves better they can have a parade to.

4 dangerous kisses out of 5!!!

Thanks Dan! Your meat is simply delicious!

Dangerous Dan’s Diner
The Burgers are Bigger at the Double D

714 Queen St. East @ Broadview

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