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Posted by Bruce on June 17, 2018
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Hey, so summer is unofficially here! The weather has been brilliant in Toronto. The city is a buzz with festivities and culture events. Lots of stuff was or is happening. You can check local BIA’s for info on what’s going on in different parts of the city. Did you know that? I think it’s probably a very under used and under appreciated resource for people who live here as well as tourists. There’s Cabbage Town, Yorkville, and Greek Town on the Danforth. There’s Lawrence Village, China Town, Korean Town and Kensington Market. You can’t miss Little Italy when you visit Toronto, Roncesvalles, Leslieville. I featured places from most of those areas but still I’ve barely scratch the surface of this great city.
Today it’s all about the beach. The area I’m talking about is called The Beach but it’s known locally as The Beaches. It’s been a debate in the city for years. People who live in The Beach area call it the beach and everyone outside the beach always seem to say, “Let’s go to The Beaches” as if there’s more than one in that area… there’s not. It’s just one long beach strip but whatever you decide to call it, it’s an amazing area in the city. Lots of California style culture. It’s so chill there, except for the bitchy young people who always seem to abuse a good thing. Damn I just made myself sound like an old Bitchy Queen. Well if the crown fits?!? All metropolises are wonderful places but can be very stressful. Thank the gods Toronto has many spots around this concrete jungle to escape from the hustle and bustle. My partner and I love to head down to the beach and take a stroll along the boardwalk before heading up to one of our favourite ice cream parlours. It’s called Ed’s Real Scoop. Super yummy ice cream and fudge shop. They have a rainbow of gelato too. They have shops in Roncesvalles and Leslieville too! Although to be honest, I’ve never been to those ones. Project!?! Here’s a cute little blurb you will find on their website!

“Growing up in the 1950’s as one of 6 children, I was lucky to have a mother with great cooking skills, a very limited budget, and a sweet tooth(!) so that a huge array of baked goods, sweets, and ice cream were made at home as a way of entertaining the kids and saving money at the same time. I founded Ed’s Real Scoop with the aim of offering many of those homemade treats, especially my favourite – ice cream, to Toronto. We use only the highest quality ingredients we can find to make all our artisanal ice creams, gelati, frozen yogurts and other treats.”

It’s just that good. I can’t resist a family business. It inspires me. Without them the city would be box store after box store, with no culture at all. Explore your neighbourhood. Talk to the people in your neighbourhood. Their stories will help you escape to a simpler time. Stress will be a distant reality. Even for just a moment.

Ed’s Real Scoop

2224 Queen St. East
Toronto, On


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