It’s Valentine’s Day, Let’s Get Real!

Posted by Bruce on February 16, 2020
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Well where do I begin? This is my first Valentine’s single in 13 years. What the freak does one do after a lifetime in a relationship that – in spite of my best efforts – just could not even come close to what I was hoping for. A jagged little pill would be an understatement.

There are so many things one can do to bleach out the past on Valentine’s day. My choice was to get out and embrace the city. I hit up a couple of friends that know what I’ve been dealing with over the past year since my breakup. It’s been hell but there’s been some real friends along the way that, inspite of my outbursts of sorrow and hopelessness, have stood by my side.

One thing that can help chase the Valentine’s blues away is to support a local talent show. Not just any show, however, but one that highlights the artists within the LGBTQ community. Here’s some info on the one I checked out.

Producer and Hostess Halal Bae presents Living in Colour. An event with the aim to increase the visibility of and create a space for queer and trans performers of colour. It was created in order to give QTPOC an open space to show their artistic abilities, ranging from drag, dance, music and more. Every month at Glad Day Bookshop, there is a new theme which allows participants to share their experiences and truths. The hope is that it will create discussions and opening dialogue on issues facing the QTPOC community while celebrating their history and achievements.

If you want you can book that room at the Hilton you were going to book with your ex as an anniversary gift. I was fortunate enough to be the invited to tag along with a buddy who was doing just that. It was a great time and we’re looking at maybe booking another weekend trip in the near future.

The next effective way of chasing the blues away is with food. I know some say a terrible idea, but once in a while you gotta give yourself allowance to indulge. I decided to go to a hot spot called Belly Busters. It sounded like a fat burning place. As I got closer I realized it was a local sub shop. They have two locations in Toronto.

I love seeing old school sub sandwich shops and mom and pop stores, to me I would go the extra mile to get quality and something you can’t get at one of the chains. The prices here are more than fair for what you’re getting.

Had my first one last week and been craving another one ever since.

If things in your life are feeling a bit more severe this time of year. Check out Steve Tully. He’s a brilliant life coach I really get a lot of great life strategies from, posted that there is no sense becoming bitter but be happy for those who have found a significant other, and also take this special day to show yourself some love.

I also hope you will check out @STEVE_R_TULLY on Instagram. Great life skills and health & fitness.

Hey its Valentine’s, let’s get real!


Writer Bruce Christopher

Publicist Mike Tubbrit

Guest Editor Martin Rye

Hair by Paul Ferguson

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