Jagged Little Thrill

Posted by Bruce on July 24, 2022
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I went and saw the one and only Alanis Morissette recently and I just had to write a review of her comeback performance.  She hasn’t performed in Toronto for some time and her fans – young and old – were ready to show some love. It was nice to see the Alanis we all remember.  As she opened her show, you knew this powerhouses entertainer was here to rock the Budweiser Stadium. I have to be honest I was doubtful that Alanis was up to the task. As a vocalist myself I know how daunting it is to keep those chops up. Moments into her first song all doubts were erased. She was back with a vengeance. Canadians in general tend to be a little shy at letting loose at live venues and usually the staff are doing their best at keeping everyone in their seats. Pretty difficult when the entire stadium has risen to its feet to embrace an iconic Canadian artist. There was very little time to take a seat as the set went from hit to hit, peppering in some classics throughout. The energy and excitement were palpable.  As a fan of Alanis Morissette I went to the show with a mix of excitement and trepidation.  I was quite literally moved to tears. She was utterly committed to bringing blood, sweat, and tears to every single song. Her energy was epic. Each song brought approving roars from the audience. Not just because she sang them, but performed every single song like her soul depended on it. She was vocally articulate and spirituality connected to every song she performed.  Notable performances were You Live You Learn, One Hand in my Pocket, That I Would be Good, Jagged Little Pill and You Oughta Know all supported by her incredible vocal range. Spoiler alert!!!! Alanis had her fans utterly hypnotized.

I have to quickly mention the visual retrospect that highlighted a career that most would envy. Her heart, her smile, that voice, the physical artistry was like a circus of emotions for everyone in the stadium. I really had to appreciate a section of the performance where Alanis slowed things down and sang several songs as a retrospect as much as an introduction to some of her more biographical songs. I thought it a risky move considering the lack of concentration from an audience that has been locked up for several years, but the crowd followed her musical journey with uninhibited curiosity. Then just when you thought you experienced her greatness, the chords for her hit Uninvited from the movie City of Angels starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage vibrated the arena to thunderous applause. My personal favorite was Thank You, which was a game changer for me. Music can change the frequency of any person and her song Thank You is simply one of the greatest songs ever written. It was clear her music was for everyone, but she did not hide the fact that the empowerment of women and ageism was the full message from her performance. Garbage, another incredible band, opened for Alanis and though I was never a big fan of them I was quickly reminded how relevant they have remained in the music industry.  With both artists now in their 50’s it was an unapologetic statement “Don’t count us out just yet” They had one hand in their pocket and the other was filling their money pits. Bravo and congratulations on an epic performance.  It simply blew everyone’s mind, body, and soul.

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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