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Posted by Admin1 on August 07, 2014
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I never do a blog on a Thursday but an artist I admire seems to be getting some backlash for having an opinion. Twitter is all a buzz tonight as a radio station out in Calgary wants Jann Arden’s music banned from the radio because she has been using her voice today for more than singing.
I thought that is what music was suppose to be all about! When did it become rock and roll to tape your mouth shut when you have a strong opinion about something? Here is a twitter comment made from the artist tonight:
“Stations like AMP in Calgary should not have licenses. period.  A contest for “breast enlargements” you guys are unethical times a million.”
Clearly this has upset Ms. Arden. Clearly the radio station in Calgary doesn’t care.
Apparently this station wants to play half songs which to me is ridiculous! Artists create their music to be heard. We have already been robbed of the artwork thanks to downloading. Do we really have to lose the art now to? What would Thriller be without the Vincent Price wrap at the end or the incredible guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven? Who is running this station!
I have to admit I don’t yet have all the facts but one thing is for sure I don’t want any radio station telling artists to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves for fear of having their music banned! That’s bullcrap! Lets not forget why you have your job in the first place! It’s the music! Support the artist!!  You don’t have to like anything I do, but please, SUPPORT ART. PROTECT ART. FIGHT FOR CREATIVITY. #notoampradiocalgary) Jann Arden!
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