January InstaBeard 2019

Posted by Bruce on January 26, 2019
Check it Out!

Have I told you how much I love Instagram? I think it’s still one of the best social media plateforms. Great photos! No tweeting bullshit. It’s just light and informative. You can say so much with a photo and a few direct words. As you know, I’m a fan. Last year I did a weekly beard contest on my official Instagram account. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I met some amazing fellows from all over the world and had the chance to post their little stories right here on Bruce in the City!

This year it’s a whole new Beard feature. One bearded fellow who follows my Instagram @bruceinthecity is chosen at random. Only one a month. You all can vote for that fellow by hitting the heart associated with the contest! Don’t worry, I will make it clear which post counts. This year it’s not just about how badass the beard is but how badass he does his part to make his community a better place!

January’s InstaBeard belongs to John!! John has served in the military in Afghanistan and Iraq. His journey lead him to a Tibetan Buddhist monastery where he lived and worked. John is currently living in China. His first language is welsh. I wonder how many languages he can speak? I should have asked. You can always follow him on Instagram and ask him yourself. As if all those things weren’t badass enough, the man has played rugby his whole life. Straight out of the womb no doubt! Ok Brucesters head on over to my official Instagram @bruceinthecity and vote for John! Also follow John today @johnireland1 and tell him Bruce in the City sent you!


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