Journey with Germani Avocado Salad!!

Posted by Admin1 on April 04, 2017
Journey with Germani
In the spirit of Spring and all things green, I thought I’d share one of my fave salad recipes!
It’s super simple and easy to make.  Get an avocado a couple of days in advance so that it will be ripe (but not too ripe). Quick tip: when the little bud pulls off easily it should be ripe enough to enjoy!
Slice up your avocado into bite sized chunks or longer pieces (whatever you prefer!).
Next, for those of you that eat poultry, cook some fresh chicken strips or if you’re short on time/energy heat up some frozen strips.  Leftover chicken also saves time and it’s a good way to use up those roast chicken leftovers!  Whether you go for the breaded variety or favor skinless, it’s all good.  I believe in the power to customize and experiment, and to find out what you prefer!
I usually use baby spinach as my leafy green but I do like to mix things up by adding baby kale or arugula.
Add your greens to your bowl (I can EAT salad so I use a large salad bowl even if it’s just for me).
Next add some thinly sliced red onion, 2-3 chicken strips per person (if you’d like to go full veg, some baked sweet potato would make a nice alternative) and your avocado pieces.
Add a balsamic dressing (I just add a splash of olive oil, a bit more balsamic vinegar because I CRAVE acidity and a pinch of salt/pepper) and dinner is served!
If I’m feeling like I want something extra, I might add in some thinly sliced old white cheddar. Or pour a glass of dry Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.
Very yummy and only requiring a few ingredients, this is a great meal to prepare when you want to spend less than 20 minutes in the kitchen. One of my old roommates made it for me and it’s a recipe that I still rely on.
Cheers to Spring and the coming of warmer days!
Sarah Germani for Bruce in the City
Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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