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Posted by Bruce on November 07, 2017
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Hello B.I.T.C Readers!

Happy Fall!

I miss our Summer days but now we have cozy layers, hot drinks, and hearty food to enjoy!

I wanted to set out and find a recipe I hadn’t tried before, using seasonal and affordable ingredients. Which led me to Brussels sprouts and McIntosh apples. Yum! While doing some research and looking for ideas, I saw a lot of recipes that added bacon to the mix and thought, why not?

This is a recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts, apple, and bacon with a pinch of cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Super easy, just be careful to watch your fingers while prepping the sprouts and bacon. I recommend using a reliable, sharp knife for that step.

You’ll need:

Enough Brussels sprouts to fill your tray, I grabbed about 6 handfuls (my hands are relatively small).

A McIntosh apple.

5 strips of bacon. You could use turkey bacon or veggie bacon, or you could skip it entirely.

A pinch of cinnamon, salt and pepper.

Olive oil.

Lemon juice (optional).

A baking sheet and an oven.

Set your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit/220 Celsius.

First, wash and trim the ends off of the Brussels sprouts. Then cut them in half and add them to your baking sheet.

Cut up the apple into small chunks. Whenever I cook with apples, I like to squeeze some lemon juice onto the apple, to prevent it from prematurely browning but it’s not necessary. Add that apple to the sprouts.

Add a couple of shakes of cinnamon, salt, and pepper.

Next pour some olive oil over the pan, enough to lightly grease the bottom of the pan and coat the sprouts and apple once you have mixed everything together. I just got in there and used my hands.

Cut up your bacon into small pieces and add them to the mixture.

Once your oven is ready, pop that sheet in!

Bake for about 30 minutes, until bacon is nice and crispy and sprouts are tender.

Halfway during the baking, I turned my ingredients over so that they would cook more evenly and so that they wouldn’t stick to the pan.

An additional reason to make this dish: your home will smell amazing!

This is a great sweet and savory side dish using simple, seasonal ingredients. It is also a delicious way to prepare and dress up Brussels sprouts for someone who might find them bland.

Enjoy and happy cooking!

Sarah Germani for Bruce in the City

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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