Journey with Germani! Good Luck Nibbles!

Posted by Bruce on December 30, 2017
Check it Out!, Journey with Germani

It’s has been quite a journey this year.

The world we live in is very different to the one of a year ago. On a large and small scale.

For myself, I’ve gone back to school, with the hopes to change the way I work. To change my quality of life for the better.

I’ve also been lucky enough to develop my blogging skills with Bruce in the City!

Let’s embrace positive changes and future possibilities, and celebrate by enjoying food that inspires good luck in the new year.



Enjoy some yummy bagels for your New Year’s day breakfast. Ring-shaped foods represent a year that has come full circle. A complete cycle.

Feel like something sweet?

Enjoy a stack of pancakes. Their round shape symbolizes fullness and prosperity.


Have a bowl of long noodles. Don’t cut them, these are meant to be slurped. The length symbolizes long-life.

Enjoy a dish with lentils, their coin-like shape symbolizes growing wealth.


Snack on some grapes! Eating twelve grapes at midnight will bring good luck for the next year!

Pomegranates and round fruits symbolize wealth and abundance.


Prepare some fish for your New Year’s dinner. Fish represent prosperity, their scales reminiscent of coins.

Feel like having some seafood? Want to keep with the ring-shaped theme?

Calamari is a great option. Enjoy with your fave dipping sauce!

When I visit my stepmother’s family on New Year’s Day, it’s customary to have a piece of pickled herring for good luck. Washed it down with some Henkell Trocken.

And include greens, which represent wealth and good fortune.

And for Dessert:

Bake a coin into a cake, the person who finds it in their slice will have some extra good luck for the new year.

Let’s focus on living full lives, and finding enjoyable experiences.

And being open to new opportunities.

Let’s smash some plates, brawl out our differences, or even better, enjoy a slice of cake and welcome 2018!

Sarah G for Bruce in the City!


Mary Ellen Monk

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