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Posted by Bruce on September 20, 2018
Check it Out!, Journey with Germani

Hello BITC readers!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe, beautiful and magical summer!

Erik and I are happy to be back with some recipes and wine pairings; and Erik had the wonderful idea of a hearty dish, in preparation for warm reds and savory fall meals.

I thought that I’d share a simple braised meat dish.

This recipe can be used with beef shank, brisket, oxtail or lamb etc. I popped into my local grocery store tonight and the best deal seemed to be a larger portion of lamb shoulder chops. As braising meat is traditionally a method meant for cooking cheaper cuts of meat, this also won’t break the bank.

You will need:

· About 2 pounds of meat to be braised (there are about 6 small portions of lamb shoulder in my cooking tonight).
· A handful of mushrooms.
· Half an onion (I used a red onion for sweetness).
· About half a cup to a cup of dry red wine (and a glass for the chef). Enough to submerge but not enough to completely cover the meat.
· Two cloves of garlic.
· Pinch of salt or salt to taste.
· I also added a couple of spoons of canned crushed tomatoes (I was making a simple tomato sauce at the same time, a dab of tomato paste or pureed tomatoes would be nice to add instead but it is not necessary).
· Olive oil, about tbsp.

1. I like to rinse the cuts of meat with cool water first, I’m sure this is a preference and not necessary. In any case, dab the meat with a paper towel, this helps to brown the meat first.

2. I’m using a stove top method (with a lid coming into play about 30 minutes into the cooking process), as I don’t have a Dutch oven but this can be completed in a Dutch oven instead. If you are using a Dutch oven, you can brown the meat and cook the veggies on the stove, and once you add the meat, wine etc. it can be further braised in the oven.

3. Brown the meat on both sides with a splash of olive oil for 5 to 10 minutes (until you have some browning on either side, doesn’t have to be fully cooked through).

4. Once the meat is browned, remove from the pan or Dutch oven and set aside to sit.

5. Add finely chopped garlic, onions and chopped mushrooms to the pan with the olive oil that was used to brown the meat. Cook the vegetables for about 5 minutes, until softened.

6. Add the meat back into the pan and add the wine and the tomatoes.

7. Set the heat on low, as low as possible on your burner or about 200 to 300 degrees if you are using an oven from this point on. Lid your pan/Dutch oven to keep the moisture in as much as possible.

8. Continue to cook your meat and veggies for about an hour or two on your low setting, turning the meat over occasionally (about every 15 to 20 minutes).

9. Once the meat is nice and tender, serve with pasta or mashed potatoes or cooked veggies or whatever you like!

This is a great recipe to use when you have a free afternoon at home or feel like making a slow-cooked dinner. Actual preparation and work time takes about a half an hour, with a couple of quick checks as the braising takes place.

Let us know what you think and enjoy the last remnants of summer days!

Sarah for Bruce in the City

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