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Posted by Bruce on July 02, 2013
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Here it is “Brucesters” The glitz and glitter of Pride 2013!  It all started for me with the annual underwear party on Tuesday night! Bruce 2No I don’t get in my underwear but the models do and hey it’s such a fabulous time. It’s hosted by The Bay and Cafe California.  It’s in it’s 11th year and going strong.  Cafe California I have written about on several occasions and is one of the trendiest spots to have a glass of wine and fabulous dinner! When in T.O you really gotta check it out. You will love the owners Vince and Leticia.DSC04928

After we got all fired up and fed up it’s off to Flash!! Where you can definitely find your pot of gold at the end of an array of rainbows.  The models their are “Bootiliscious!”

Then of course like the great creator I desperately needed a day of rest.  Wednesday was “Stay Home Big Gay Movie Day!” We decided the only movie worthy for a Pride week kick off would be “Victor/Victoria. Have you seen it! Oh it’s really amazing and witty! It’s starring Julie Andrews, James Garner and Robert Preston! It’s about a woman dressed like a man posing as a woman!!!??? I know excellent! See it! It’s allot of fun, even for the homosexually challenged.

Here is a little link for you!


Saturday came in a snap and I decided to head down to Church street for some David’s Tea.  As the 94 bus dropped me off uncharacteristically one block away, I realized that thousands of gays and supporters had flocked like seagulls onto church street.  I think my day just flew into high gear. Maybe a beer instead of tea. I text several of my closest friends and within the hour we were all gathered at a local Pub on Church.  It was perfect weather. Perfect enough for the patio to get a water gun fight going. The only time you can mess up a gay mans perfect Pompadour!



There is no stopping a gaggle of gays Pride weekend! We decided to sachet to Woody’s/Sailors. Not just any bar but the bar that was the home of “Queer As Folk” the television series.  I remember when all the actors from that amazing series made Toronto their home while many of the episodes were shot in the “Gaybourhood” Woody’s/Sailors is still one of my favourite places to party. I certainly got some good lovin from my two favourite bar tenders Frazer and Heath (photo below) Bitter sweet though because Frazer celebrated his last day at Woody’s/Sailors on Sunday. He is off to pursue he other passion, Interior Design! All the best man, you rock! DSC04986Heath I’ll be around soon for your amazing cocktails!

As we took the dance  floor by storm some of my favourite currant television celebs were there Burning out the disco. especially “Phillip” who is one of may guys on the show. Let me just say the show is not for  those with week constitutions! But one hell of a great time! We cheered each other and I was thrill to learn he had heard of me and my blog! Sweet! So a big queer kiss going out to you and all the guys of that great show!

DSC04966Phillip (1 girl 5 gays) and I sharing some Pride on the dance floor!!


I gotta say this year the parade was the icing on the cake of parties!! Let’s let the photos speak for themselves!!!!!

You know it wouldn’t be a Pride Day without the annual V.I.P Pride Party!!! This was my second year I was thrilled to be the DJ for this amazing event!!!! Enjoy the rest the photo on facebook! Happy Pride and Happy Canada Day!!!

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Hot News!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bruce heads to the  farm “Fiddlehead Farm” This coming Sunday a Canadian passion grows into reality for these organic farmers!!! “Do I have to shovel pig poo?”
Wednesday (03/07/13) this week I will be joining Fiddlehead Farm @ the market (John St. Farmers Market, just north of Queen St. just behind the Art Gallery of Ontario) right here in Toronto!! Come out and get some fabulous organic produce!! I may even get myself behind the counter! https://www.facebook.com/JohnStreetFarmersMarket







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