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Posted by Admin1 on January 31, 2017
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I would be lying if I said I knew much about the Muslim faith and it’s people.  I have read some of the Quran, of course not making me any further knowledgeable about the faith.  One thing I know, killing anyone because they are unlike yourself is in my mind one of the most evils possible.  No chance for growth, no chance to learn, no time to grow.  I’m outraged really to my core as I watch people use their faith to bring destruction and devastation.  As people of faith, it may be time to accept there is evil at foot for everyone; Muslim, Christians, Jews and all faiths that offer so much beauty to the diversity of our earth.  There are those who use religion for one purpose, to destroy.  My heart goes out to the Muslim community not just for the tragedy in Quebec but around the world who’s faith has been so misunderstood and mistreated.  We have all felt the hand of hatred whether it be Christians killed for their faith, the horrific history of the Jewish people, and now the Muslim people are being slaughtered and treated in a way God would be horrified.  If we truly believe in LOVE than there is no other choice but to come together like never before.  Accept our differences. Denounce world leaders who want to segregate us because it’s that segregation that makes us weaker.  You cannot take down millions of people choosing LOVE no matter what.  Their voices would pale in comparison to all our voices and they know that.  If we think we can stand alone, even those with the choice to have no particular faith, Love is the faith and it is time we all talk .  We all grieve together, cry for each other, talk to one another!  We’ve tried everything else.  Now it’s time for LOVE!

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