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Posted by Bruce on June 10, 2018

Disclaimer: Before you read this article  I wanted to be clear I am not endorsing smoking of any kind. I am only sharing my memories regarding the subject matter.


Brucein the City!

You know I’ve been recently asked to contribute to a very cool magazine. I know… me! It’s pretty cool and I’ve been given my first assignment. It’s pretty weird because I’ve been blogging for so long now with very little fan fare in comparison to some of the younger bloggers who also do the video blogging thing. I just feel like there’s way to much talking going on and not enough reading.
I was thinking about this when I stopped by a shop I’ve frequented often over the years. When I first moved to Toronto I was a smoker. I’m not sure I ever told you guys I used to smoke. I think I had given up the habit before I began my blog. Lucky for you or you would have had to go through the incredibly horrendous task of witnessing me butting out. My new man at the time made it pretty clear it was him or cigarettes. (Very Carey Bradshaw and Aden. He hated that she smoked and she lied through her stained teeth until inevitably she met someone bigger who just let Carey be Carey.)
So now I just go into my old smoke shop to say hello to Michelle. She runs the place. It’s on Church Street of course, my regular stomping ground. Now you’ll find me buying phone chargers all the time from her because I’m always leaving mine at home. I must have bought a dozen from her already this year. Okay, fine, half a dozen. Anyways, she’s awesome! Always a constant support in the Gay community. She’s been there for years. You know like when you’re a kid, the way you feel about the old people that ran the corner store. It was like going home. I just wanted to give her a little shout out even though I’m not smoking anymore… well, cigarettes anyway. I enjoy buying the odd summer cap from her or sniff a nice cigar. I should really have one of her Cuban cigars. One won’t kill ya. I’ve always been curious about those vapour things she sells. She tells me it’s very popular. I don’t know. I do like that I broke the habit. I look around her shop and she poses for a Pride month pic with me and we share a laugh. It’s very cool when you realize this big old city has become home and familiar like an old house pet. They’re always happy to see you and they never judge you for smoking that smoke or lighting up that pipe. I like going down those stairs to see Michelle. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the smell of that old tobacco. Who can be sure.

Mr. Tobacconist (Michelle)
Cuban Cigars and Pipes
473 A Church St
Toronto on
M4Y 2C5


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