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Posted by Admin1 on October 05, 2014
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Just because Summer has gone out with the man short shorts doesn’t mean you gotta pack up that BBQ just yet!  Nice grab line eh?  Well I found a vintage little deli just south of Bloor at Bathurst that will keep you in that feeling good summer mood!  I think it is, and will be, my go to burger place over the next few months as I dodge the onslaught of the autumn months.
The place is called “George’s Deli Barbecue”.  Nice and simple in a time when funky catch names and phrases seem to outshine the quality.  I happened upon the place when looking for a little nosh during a break from my crazy work day.
I’m just finished up some training time at a sister shop near Honest Eds (not a great area for food in my opinion, unless of course you like Sushi 24/7.  Don’t get me wrong I love me some Sushi, but on every corner?).  From frozen yogurt to raw fish I just wanted a good old fashioned burger.
I’m not talking about your big chain burger.  I am talking about a real meat patty burger.  No filler. No crap just good old Canadian beef and some condiments.  I just took a chance and stepped inside because I didn’t see any Sushi sign.
There he was.  An little old guy behind the counter with one girl waiting at the counter with a big old fashioned smile and hello.  To my left was a rotisserie of fresh chicken going and to my far left on the counter was a big old cock staring at me with a sign that said “BBQ Chicken”.
I’d have to try that another day after I tried out their yummy looking burgers.  The place, I could tell had been there for years. Probably during the hay day of the Honest Ed years and I thought this deli must have been lined right out the door back then. Before the “The King” and the “The Clown” downgraded our hamburger into sloppy greasy poison (just my opinion, don’t sue me!).
The deli looks aged and well worn but the food is fresh and real.  My burger was great and even enjoyed a Coca Cola just to complete that vintage feel.  Hey even I can’t resist a Coke with a great hamburger!
I couldn’t help but feel “Damn!”; why do we go to those crappy fast food places when you can get a real meal at a great price around the corner?  It’s advertising man!  I can’t believe it!
I’m sure there are some amazing family owned deli’s and burger places in your city and town.  Give them a try.  They have to be great.  They don’t have million dollar spots during half time to keep them going.  Their food can’t suck or they would not be in business for 40 years!
Call me an old romantic but I just can’t resist a family run deli in the middle of the bright lights big city!  I guess that’s just me!
George’s Deli BBQ
795 Bathurst St
(just south of Bloor)
Next I’m checking out their BBQ chicken! Hey the Cock said so!
What’s Coming?
This Tuesday our next Bruce’s Book Club choice!!! The next novel by Jane Austen (How did you enjoy Pride and Prejudice?)
AND!!! What’s on the menu for THANKSGIVING! I will be sharing my partners amazing menu! Plus some great local wine suggestions to go with that Ham and Turkey! Did someone say Pumpkin Pie?
See you Tuesday!
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Editor: Mary Ellen Monk
A Fabulous note from my Editor:
We have an AMAZING burger place in Belleville called Burger Revolution.  All meat is local and made fresh daily (never frozen) and the burgers are served on pretzel buns!  They are fantastic.  You can top them in weird and funky ways (cheese curd, fried eggs, pulled pork, etc) or just the standard ketchup and mustard.  They were featured on the TV show “You gotta eat here” and you REALLY DO have to eat there!  They donated their catering services to our Ride for Autism this year and they are just wonderful people to work with.  Can’t say enough about them! (Mary Ellen)
(I will make a point of checking them out, Bruce in the City)

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