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Posted by Bruce on September 11, 2016
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I would have to say this summer was one of the oddest summers I have ever had.  The things that happened to me and what I got into couldn’t possibly be real.
Hi I’m Bruce in the City and I’m made for T.V.

John and I had some very good friends of ours visit from the States again this year.  It’s always hard to know what to take people to see when visiting Toronto because everyone has such different interests.  When I went to New York, I was like take me to the peelers!  Alas, not everyone finds that form of entertainment appealing.

We decided to take them to the next best thing, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with live cast.  I thought it was wicked.  Although, and this in no way is a sexist comment, but they had Rocky played by an actress.  She was great but have you seen Rocky?  It’s a bit of a golden bathing suit must.  Ok fine, I just wanted to see the hottie in the small eenie weenie golden bikini bottoms.

The couple that came to see us are hilariously funny in my opinion.  Out of the two I would have to say Paul is the funniest.  Sorry Chris, you’re funny too but that Paul, stop my nerves!  Bloody hilarious!  He is somewhat specific on the things he enjoys but very accommodating to try out whatever has been put on the slab.  I don’t think he was overly excited to see Rocky.  As a perfect guest though he agreed and there we were sitting in the darkened Bloor Street Cinema about to take in the irreverence of such a show.

For those of you who have never been, they actually use live props etc. and one can find themselves covered in toilet paper or candy or even water at any given time. Which is what happened to our poor guest Paul as a very full glass of cold water came speeding directly at his face. It’s almost like they knew he really didn’t want to be there.

It was an okay performance, but poor Paul soaked to the bone graciously laughed off the experience and knew from that moment on he was in for a bumpy ride.
Peelers anyone?

Of course it seems as though the story has come to a close but alas not on this occasion.  We went out for a few needed cocktails and then were good little boys and decided to call it a night.  We had another big day planned for them the next day so we needed our beauty sleep.  Well, they needed more than me but who was I to argue.

John and I grabbed a cab which was pretty normal for us.  We have our TTC passes but when it’s late (and it was) it’s easier to hail a cab. We, of course, were so tired having had consumed a few cocktails after the performance.  We got into our Beck taxi, which is the cab company we always take, told the driver where we were heading and began reliving the evening with some tired chat in the back seat.

As we began rounding a corner I noticed quickly the car wasn’t following the curve.  I screamed, “Holy Fuck!” and the driver was woken by my panicked yelp.  That’s right he fell asleep!  Let me just say that again, he fell asleep!  Our car was headed right for a threesome of parked cars and we were going about 30 clicks.  Neither John or I had belts on and the driver swerved to the left to avoid a head on collision.

Thankfully he missed the parked cars.  He barely knew what was going on as he was still coming to.  I yelled at him to let us out of the car immediately.  He was still trying to drive at this point but I insisted he let us out.  I got on my cell on the side of the road and if you can believe it the driver was trying to make us pay for the fare.  We were both in shock and I told him to be quiet, I was calling the office.  He kept saying, “pay me, pay me” and in my shock I said that he better shut up, he almost killed us.

The driver didn’t stick around he took off hoping we were too shaken to get his car number but I got it and called it in and had him pulled off the road.  It was surreal.  The scene playing over and over in our minds.  I explained what had happen to the operator at Beck.  I asked for another cab to pick us up and if you can imagine they made us pay for it.  We almost were in a serious accident caused by their driver falling asleep at the wheel and they didn’t even give us a courtesy ride home!

The amazing thing is this isn’t the last of the wicked weekend with cab drivers from Beck.  Now we take many cabs from this company weekly and I think it’s a company’s responsibility to offer a safe and secure driving experience.  I think their response to what we went through could have been handled better.

I have to be honest, last night when I was in one of their cabs again I asked to get out because the driver was nodding off.  What the hell? Anyway we will continue to use this company but they really need to get their act together.  I just have to ask where are they getting these guys?  I have seen some serious changes in the last six years.  They had better get with it if they don’t want Uber taking their business.

Until next Sunday!!


Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk

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