La Hacienda

Posted by Bruce on August 23, 2020
Check it Out!

Today’s blog will be short and delicious!! I have been really into Mexican food lately. It’s a lot more difficult in a smaller city like Peterborough to find authentic Mexican food. Let’s forget the massive food chain we all know so well. Their bastardized version of Mexican food has caused the general public to think that’s what Mexican food is. But it’s not. I found a fabulous Mexican restaurant on Hunter Street in Peterborough called La Hacienda.

The food is just incredible and worth checking out. I have been to this hotspot several times, and each time I am just so satisfied with everything I’ve tried. Recently I have enjoyed the chicken nachos and I’m telling you, incredible. I had a Lime Margaretta that also blew my mind. The décor is authentic and so is their music selections. Which I always appreciate. You can find it at 190 Hunter Street in Peterborough. Stop by today, it’s amazing! 5 kisses out of 5!!!

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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